Party For Hera1432

I am going to throw a virtual party for her, kind of like what Quibblo did!

Chapter 1

Enjoy the Party!

This is a party to celebrat Hera1432's 1st whole year on Quibblo!

Here you go (you is Hera1432):
"Surprise!" You hear a huge crowd of people (526 to be exact) yell as you walk into the main Quibblo building- the home page.

"What is this?" You ask, shocked.

"It is your 1-year-anniversary of Quibblo!" One person in the giant crowd says. They come forward as you realize it is someone you know very well- Marshmallowez. "Now go and enjoy!" She says with a smile.

You continue forward, and you can pick out a couple more people. One person runs up to you saying "Here sistah! It's a big potato!" You smile as you realize who it is- iresha.

"Thanks sistah!" You say, joining in her laughs. You hug her, and then you head off to go say hi to more people. You keep walking, when you suddenly recognise one person in particular- AwesomeOK1.
"Marco!" You say and he turns around and says "Happy one year-anniversary." You smile and continue through the jungle of people.

You then stumble upon a group of people all crowded around something. You push your way through to see paradoxcookie and a weird tortoise type thing that was dancing with her.

"Is that a dancing tortoise?" You ask.

"It's a turtle, but yea. It's for you!" She says grabbing the thing and holding it out for you. "It will be on the gift table for you to get when you leave!" She says with a smile. She returns the turtle to where it was, and they go back to dancing (causing a whole new group of people to start laughing).

You continue walking through the gaint room, occasionally saying Hi. or How are you? You finally end up somewhere new- the buffet table. You scan it and a couple things pop out; Oreo shakes brought by agent_mysterydancer; buttered cheesy chips thanks to Tokenpuertorican1; Blue Raspberry Soda (PERCY JACKSON!) from Beingdauntless; giant brownies thanks to Sophiz; moruxitgud brought ice cream, and some sheet cake thanks to GAZ11276. Then your eyes see the cake, but instead of 1 there was 2.



You see the second cake and have to think for a second about why a cake would have a J on it. Then you remember Jayden, and see that Marshmallowez was the one who brought the cakes.

The rest of the party is a blur, it involved many games and gifts; there was Truth or Dare run by moruxitgud, and Pin the Tail on the Big Fat Grey Cat which was run by Beingdauntless. After that you played Minecraft on computers supplied by GAZ11276, and ended off the games with some firecrackers that Sophiz brought. You also got many gifts; like Tony Stark from yutty and a giant chocolate bar from moruxitgud. You also got a unicorn from GAZ11276 and a sparkly unicorn from agent_mysterydancer.

You slowly, but surely thank everyone for coming then head off home. You smile to yourself thinking about how much you love the Quibblo community.


Hope you all enjoyed! Happy anniversary Hera1432!

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