My 1 Year Quibblo Anniversary! (Contains Shout-Outs)

I'm a bit early, but I think I won't be able to get on tomorrow.
So I'm making this just one day earlier :)

Chapter 1

Shout Outs

by: CaughtUp
Hey guys, it's hera1432's 1 Year Quibblo Anniversary! It's a bit early to write it, but I'm not sure if I can get on tomorrow. For the people who know.... whispers KEVIN. The Time Zone is different and the time I wrote this is 2013/5/5 so I'm just one day early. Maybe two days for you guys. But anyways!


Marshmellowez is amazing She is always signing up for awesome group stories because she is really good at writing and she is good at RP ing! You can start any random conversation with her because she. Is. Just. Pure. Awesomeness. Anyways, she is listed my 2nd best friend here in Quibblo at my top friends list, but it's not in order! Still she is one of my best friends here :)


At first, I thought we weren't going to get along well, but as I loosened up and started talking to boys and did a few group stories with Marco, I discovered that he is really cool! He's laid back, awesome and really good at writing stories, too! I'm honored to have a friend like him in Quibblo!


Read her profile, it says: You have arrived at the profile of an intelligent, athletic, pretty, friendly, ambitious, and slightly confused user. That's so true! time4dance is awesome, intelligent, really helpful and great when it comes to writing! I had to write her in my shout outs, I just had to. I can't forget her in Quibblo, she's practically one of the legends! :)


Izzy is awesome. Izzy is great. Izzy is helpful. Izzy is nice. I'd write more compliments but It'll take me like YEARS to finish complementing Izzy. She is great when it comes to advice and really easy to become great friends with! That's almost the main reason why she is so awesome!


I call her Ash. And she is really good at taming animals, and I can just imagine if she was a superhero.... The Animal-Lover-And-Tamer. Except Ash should need a more awesome superhero name to fit her XD She is really nice and awesome! So go friend her now!


You wouldn't expect me to forget about Acroyali, would you? She was my very first friend when I came to Quibblo, and she is really calm, intelligent, mature, and what can I say? I could spend all day writing about how awesome Acroyali is XD


I swear, Lexi is just way too nice!! That's what she is. Awesome, nice, funny. And I bet all the boys would fall for her! She is so kind that she NEVER gets mad. I think. Anyways, Lexi is awesome! :)


One of the most AWESOME-st boys here in Quibblo. Next to Marco, he is just really awesome. Read his profile, and you can see that he's a superman. Reasons? He is Hunter. He is just a superman, that's all you need to know :D


You can't forget Rose when you do shout outs! She is really awesome and really chill. One of my best friends here in Quibblo, I'll tell you that! Rose is the kind of person you NEED to know here if you join Quibblo :D


Iresha. MY SISTAH IS AMAZING! She is really hyper and in fact- You can be super random with her! Start any conversation just saying a random word. She''ll reply and be super awesome! Fact: Iresha the Potato is pure awesomeness.


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