Justin Bieber

This is for everyone who wonders why I like Justin Bieber.
5/0/714 (edit): I've turned the article around and it's more of a rant on all the hate Justin still gets for actions that have been over reacted by the media.

NOTE: I'm deleting your nasty comment if you're not my friend.

Chapter 1

Justin Bieber

The first thing I've got to say is that most people don't even listen to him before judging. I've got to admit I was like that before I listened to Black Veil Brides and Blood on the Dance Floor. I didn't like them at first, but then I listened to them and started to enjoy their music and what made them stand out and unique to me.

It's been some time now and I've even gotten back in to some artists who I've actually said I've hated; bands like Bring Me The Horizon. I'm still not really keen on their music but I finally decided to give their newest album and a chance.

So what it is with Justin Bieber is the hate band wagon. Too many people follow the crowd, afraid to like someone who is very unpopular and afraid to stand alone (in a good way). And they hate for stupid reasons. "Because he's gay". Is gay a bad thing? Since when was it used as a term for being bad? He's not even gay and if he did come out as being gay, would it be a bad thing? Well to the haters, yeah, it would be, because it's Justin Bieber!

It's okay to dislike his music. Most people don't even know what they're saying when they say they dislike or hate Justin Bieber. Do you dislike his fans, music, personality, relationship with Selena Gomez or something else? There's more to him than just his music. You could like his music and dislike him or the other way around. Jessie J's music is not for me but I like her as a person. You see?

Now time has moved on and a lot of Justin Bieber's actions have been negative. No, he has not had a very good couple of years but how do you know all of this? Because the media is constantly at it trying to find bad things in which he has done or said. And do you not think it's because of all the hate he's getting? He's been diagnosed with depression and I'm sure some other things down to all the hate he's getting.

How could you not be depressed? He's constantly getting called gay, people saying they want to kill him and getting things thrown at him.


That link there is a link that leads to an article on Justin Bieber saying the "n" word in a video when he was 14. He's 20. That was 6 f♥cking years ago. Are the media really that desperate that they have to dig up news from 6 years ago just so they can say more things about Justin and make him look bad?

Yes, he still shouldn't have made that joke but it's the time gap. Why did the video surface all of those years ago and only now?

Where's all the news about him going to different countries to help out the kids there? If you watch his movie, you'll see that he's not a bad person. Doing some bad things do not make you a bad person. How many people have told a racist joke? How many people have drag raced? Went out with friends and got drunk? It's only made an uproar because it's a famous celebrity who's done that.

I remember the uproar on Justin saying he was against abortion. He's a Christian and he loves God, so of course he may be against it. He's allowed to be, even if we don't agree with it. But nooo, it's just an uproar because it's Justin Bieber.

I'm just fed up of seeing all of these hate comments on these quizzes. Some ridiculous reasons as to why people hate him. And that was in 2010, before he had even done anything wrong and started going out of control.


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