My Assumptions for Thor 2: The Dark World about LOKI (READ THIS IS FVCKING IMPORTANT!!!)

Chapter 1

oh snap

by: 68687
Take a very close look at that picture of Loki. He is a mess. But if you look really closely you can see it.

One thing I've noticed is that he's got abrasions on at least one knuckle & joint on his left hand. Dark World is set over a year after Avengers so they can never be from his Hulk-smash encounter. So, unless it's from some abuse, has Loki been punching glass cages again in rage? It's said that there's a scene in the film where he goes berserk and screams and shouts like a madman (SPOILER ALERT: probably on the news that Frigga was killed, the one person he trusted and truly loved him and no doubt could not attend her funeral). The teaser made Loki out to look a defeated/calm/sneering badass in this scene but the magic of editing & misdirection is definitely at work here. You only need to scruntinise his 'shirt'. Why does it looks so shredded? Are the stains dried blood or something else? And if so, what caused them? The possibilities are endless. How did Tom put it, all will be revealed in good time.

But besides that, the blood has really got me worried. I screamed when I took a closer look.

Hopefully, Loki is alright. If not, I SHALT KILLETH ODIN!

And I have also heard that there might be a Loki torture scene in Thor...

If there is, I kinda hope it's like that Orlando Bloom one in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Even if it is... I'll still be bawling and screaming in the theater.


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