Just a little rant...

Chapter 1


Man, do you know how annoying it gets when im joking with my friends, and then someone overhears me say somethin, and there like, "YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE A CHRISTIAN!" Im thinkin to myself, they didnt even know what i was talking about, they do the exact same thing, and i wasnt flippin talkin to you so please stay out of my conversation! If i want to joke about cannibalism with my friend, then why do you care... I mean seriously... Yea im a christian, but does that mean i cant joke with a close friend, or understand something they arent mature enough to understand... Its like people are watching me, so that when i make one mistake, BAM, your going to hell! Or your not a christian because you joke around! Or ill say What the fudge, and once again, i thought you were a christian! You dont know how mad that makes me... Excuse my little rant, but i kinda wanted to get that out... Whats finny is the next day after they said that, they tried to tell me a dirty joke... Self rightoues idiots... Excuse me if i annoyed/offended:ect anyone


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