Chapter 1


by: Apathy_
So we get in a lot of fights about who loves who more. But, Alex, I know I love you more, because I know that there is no possible combination of words, no matter how long, which could even begin to describe even half of my love for you.
You're so much more than the words I use. I don't think I could call you perfect, because the word is too simple, too ordinary.
I don't want to call you perfect, or special, or anything remotely like that, because I think the words are so overused that they have lost their previous traits of eloquence.
You are breathtaking, paralysing, unparralled, alluring.
You are not perfect; for that is too easy a word to come up with. And you are not one who is easy to describe.

Although I can not possibly begin to tell you how much I love you, I'll begin to attempt it.
Alex, I love you more than new shoes, warm days, hot chocolate with marshmallows, school holidays, fairy lights, watching films, books, the colour red, the sea, birds, art class, english class, the sound of laughter, dancing alone in my room where no one can see me, Harry Potter, weird clothes, pink Docs, a good pen, perfume, good hair days, pyjamas, hugs, hoodies, eyeliner, music, KiKi's, the number five, pizza, Saturday mornings, free classes, introvertism in people, mint Raptures, cool lamps, individuality, nerdy people, horses, band t-shirts, sheep, the fluffiest slipper socks, duvets and a starry night.

My love for you is infinite.

~Jenni xxx


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