Tournament Entry

Chapter 1

My Demon~My Foes~Behind My Eyes

She gritted her teeth, glaring at her opponent. She was staring at two people. The one in front of her, and the one behind her eyes. One was hurting her physically, the other mentally. The horrible taste of copper blood flowed on her tongue. The girl in front of her smiled, it sent shivers down her spine. "What's the matter, Natalie?" the girl asked, twirling her bleach blonde hair between her fingers. "Not as tough and scary as you thought?" she said and put a finger on Natalie's chin forcing her to look at her.

Natalie couldn't move, two girls held her stationary. She winced as a horrible laughter erupted through her mind, a cruel and deep voice repeated every word. Natalie glared at the blonde in front of her, she snatched her head away. She spit all the blood out onto her shoes. The blonde let out a squeal of disgust and jumped back, her arms flailing a bit. Natalie let out a low chuckle of approval of the other girl's fear of bloody spit. The blonde snapped her fingers, the two girls instantly slammed her into the wall. "Greta, Amy, teach her a lesson for being so vulgar." the blonde ordered.

Natalie grunted as Greta slammed her fist into her stomach, she winced when Amy whacked her in the face. They both did this for a moment, switching periodically. The blonde giggled and snapped her fingers again. Greta and Amy ceased their actions. "That's good for now girls, let's get some lunch." she said and waltzed away, her goons following closely behind. Once they were gone, Natalie allowed herself to slide down the wall and hug her knees. Tears ran down her bruised face. She looked at her bloodied tank-top, her ripped sweatpants, her matted hair, and her sprained wrist. The cruel voice returned to her head, repeating every word the blonde had muttered during their encounter. It mocked her.

Natalie, shakily, got to her feet. She glared at the air in front of her, or that's what people would think if they saw her. Natalie was glaring at the boy in front of her, everyone else was blind to him. "Screw you!" she shouted, he merely grinned. "You don't know me." she whimpered out, he chuckled. He looked like her, he sounded like her, but he hated her. Sweety, I think I know more than enough. he whispered in her mind. All Natalie's injuries throbbed as he waved his hand at her. Natalie glared at him, sending a vulgar word his way. He only laughed at her attempt to phase him. She sent him a cold glare before liming through him.

Natalie cut the rest of school, not wanting to explain anything to her classmates. She trudged home, he floated behind the entire time. He would whisper cruel and obscene things to her every so often, she was forced to listen. She finally made in home, almost unseen. As soon as she entered, her mother's voice boomed from the top of the stairs. "Natalie, is that you? Why aren't you at scho--" she covered her mouth in horror of her daughter's injuries. Her puffy face, her black eye, the blood that crusted around her lips, and the tears that freely flowed down her cheeks. "Natty? What happened?!" she asked, her face contorted into fear as she quickly checked her daughter's injuries for anything serious. Natalie forced her way past her and to the basement door, her bedroom. She didn't look at her mother when she said, "I fell." She opened the door, entered, and slammed it behind herself.

Natalie collapsed onto the bed. Hoping for peace, but he floated above her. Are you just gonna lay there?

You need to get revenge!

You're pathetic

Natalie stood as he kept using insults to encourage her. She walked over to her postered wall. It was covered in posters of every rock band she enjoyed. She snarled at it and began ripping each and every one off the wall and to shreds, he kept insulting her all the while. Eventually she got tired and returned to her bed and went under the covers. Sweet sweet dreams of the blonde's pain filled her mind through the night.

Natalie rose the next morning, for once he was gone. She showered, completely oblivious to her bruises, busted lip, and other various pains. She ate breakfast, ignoring the questioning looks from her family members. She walked to school, whistling her favorite tunes. Once she got to school, she sought out the only one who would make her happy. By her locker the blonde stood, Greta and Amy nowhere in sight. Natalie went up to her with a smile that would put any five-year-old to shame when it came to innocence. "Hi, Sasha, we need to have a chat." she said and dragged Sasha away, right to the place she was punished yesterday. Sasha was texting on her phone the entire way, frantic. Natalie snatched her phone away before she could send, she read it:

Greta! Get Amy, Nat-freak is taking me somewhere! She's gonna hurt me!

Natalie smiled while she deleted the message and smashed the phone against the wall. Sasha tried to run, but Natalie grabbed her hair and snatched her to the ground. "I'm not gonna hurt ya, unless you find getting your behind kicked painful." she said with a cruel laugh. Sasha got to her feet and attempted to backhand Natalie. Natalie simply caught her hand and twisted it, harshly. Sasha screamed in pain.

People heard the commotion and came to watch, even Greta and Amy. They didn't help, they knew it was too late to help. Natalie snatched Sasha forward, "Let's dance, sweetheart." she whispered. She slammed Sasha into the wall, raising her hand as if to chop at her. "Please..." Sasha whispered. Natalie brought her hand down, stopping right at Sasha's nose. She smirked and the girl with her eyes clenched shut, waiting for pain. Natalie grabbed her nose and said, "Beep!" as she squeezed it. She release the shaking blonde, "You're not worth the fight, I've already won by most standards. You little brat." she said and turned away. She walked towards the crowd, which separated for her to walk through freely.

"You coward!"

Natalie smirked, as Sasha attempted to get her to come back. Natalie stopped and looked down, she bent and picked up a good sized stone. "You think this will phase me, I'll get you tomorrow!" Sasha screamed, her voice becoming shrill. Natalie turned to face her, people still around her. "You don't get it, I don't care." she said. Before Sasha could respond, Natalie brought her hand back and threw the stone. It hit Sasha on the forehead, making the blonde girl yelp in shock before she passed out.

Good throw. He whispered in her ear. Natalie grinned and walked away.


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