Letters to the dead. (Harry Potter and Hunger Games)

Okay, listen up, I'm writing some letters of fandom including, HP and HG. You can comment with suggestions that who to whom the letters would be. Can include celebrities, songs etc. Only tragic things. No happiness allowed here T_T
I'll be copying and pasting some letters so NO RUDE COMMENTS please. Please. Other than that, do comment, rate etc. ♥ XD
And this is a Group Story, my partners are Jadiebear (Khadija8888) and Iresha (iresha) You can find Them in my Top Friends ADD THEM PLEASE!

Chapter 1

Harry to Sirius (Harry Potter)

Dear Sirius,

The children found a stray dog and brought it home. Lily wanted to name him Blackey, Albus was going with Snuffles. Finally they decided that the name James gave him was appropriate. He thought the dog had padded feet and named him Padfoot.

Missing you always,
Your Godson.

I can barely control my tears. No, no! *Tears* *burst* *out* *of* *the* *eyes.* Oh alright, I'm NOT ashamed. :') Long live Harry Potter!
Please comment, rate etc. :)
~Laura ♥

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