Glass Girl

There is a world, different from ours, where the fae live. They are not the fairies from fairy tales that you heard growing up; they are faeries. They are evil, not good. They are wrong and make is seem right. They are the Glass Fae, and their king had just discovered he has a half-fae, half-human daughter. He will use her to gain power and may ultimately destroy the kingdom of Tithe and world as we know it.

And from there the story unfolds. Enjoy! I hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Part 1 ~The Creatures of Glass~

"Your Majesty, there has been word-"
King Ardenon cut his servant off with a wave of his hand. He had no desire to listen to his peasant servant blather on about rumors that have been swirling the Glass Court. He, the king of the Glass Fae, was in no mood for the daily faerie gossip. He had more important things to do.
"But Your Majesty there is word that you have a-a daughter," The servant blurted out, immediately regretting it. The servant knew he was out of line to talk to the king that way, especially when he ordered him not to speak those words.
King Ardenon stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes, like burning scarlet glass, turned upon the servant.

"What did you just say?" The king asked.
"A daughter, Your Majesty. You have a daughter, she is half-fae, half-human."
The king racked his memory for any trysts he had had with a human at some interval in time. And it came back to him: she was a pretty, married woman, and quite dim. She had invited Ardenon into her bedroom, thinking him to be her husband, and they had quite a night. Well, she did; it wasn't very memorable for Ardenon himself.
"I have a daughter, well isn't that pleasant?" The king asked sarcastically. "What will my subjects think of me? I am but a mere two hundred and thirty years old, hardly old enough to be a father. And born out of a marriage! I shall not bother with this child, a half-fae isn't worth having in my court," Ardenon said, gliding along the glass corridor.

The servant rushed to catch up with Ardenon. "But Your Majesty, you may want to bother with her. Our Seeker has seen that she will marry into quite a high position in her kingdom, despite growing up a commoner. This may be your link to take over the mortal world," The servant breathed, his green wings fluttering with excitement.
The king considered this and turned to smile faintly at the servant. "Yes, it appears as though you are not a mere imbecile among we higher-ranking fae. I shall give you the title of a lord, and you shall find my daughter," Ardenon said, putting a hand on the servant's shoulder. The servant bowed, honored.
"Yes, my king. I shall find her in Tithe, the kingdom in which she lives."

Ardenon's smile was immortally cold, cruel, and rather attractive in his frozen state. As the former servant, now Lord Magdon, rushed off to the portal connecting the fae world and the human world, Ardenon's smirk disappeared. He had a daughter, a worthless and likely pitiful daughter. The odds were she would be of no true value after using her to overthrow the mortal world and kingdom of Tithe. Ardenon continued on down the glass corridor, picturing what his daughter would look like.

He had not known how Lord Magdon found out about his daughter, or if she truly was his child, but he was going to use it to his advantage. He was not a king who was good, but rather evil. The Glass Fae were evil, and while not necessarily made of glass, their hearts definitely were. Ardenon would not treat this girl as though she were his child like a fae from one of the other courts, or like the mortals do. He was going to use her and be done with her. He, King Ardenon of the Glass Fae, would soon rule both the fae realm and mortal realm. He would be the ultimate ruler.

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