Prom & I :(

i don't know

Chapter 1

So, Prom?

**** Well, it’s senior year and all girls can think about is… Yep, wait for it: PROM. OMG, what dress should i wear, wait is this too short? I wonder if he’s gonna ask me to be his date? BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Well, truth is i could careless about that thing. Wait, i guess that’s a lie in a way i guess. Because i would like to go, but only if it would be how i pictured it. Alas that can’t be so, i’d rather save the tears and the money. The tears because i don’t really want to cry and the money for more important things like combat boots ” i love those ” anyway so yeah. This year’s theme is something memories and well the idea is old and vintage which i loved because that meant old looking dresses and awh you know. But what good does it all do? I will be alone, yes maybe i’ll be surrounded by my friends but really that’s not fair to them. Especially the ones that have a boyfriend or girlfriend because it’s their time to be part of a fairy-tale. & now that i think about what i’m writing it all sounded better in my head.

How i pictured prom to be:

I walk into the dim room with beautiful colors shining everywhere. A beautiful song is playing in the background, he yes, it’s a song from The Mostar Diving Club and it’s so lovely that i can’t help but sing along to the words. I take a few steps, i’m wearing a cute pair of flats simple but pretty and my dress is long and beautiful and it’s red like the color of my lips. My hair is in loose curls, because it’s a special occasion…. I guess that, that day i for once looked beautiful. I’d sit down at a beautiful decorated table and look around and see the beautiful decorations around the massive room. I’d see people dancing and smiling because they are having a great time. I’d just smile to myself. Then i’d see him walk my way, with that cheeky smile of his that takes my breath away. I would be in shock because, why would he come this way, to talk to me? When he could go up to every girl and dance with her. But he keeps walking my way that smile never fading. He’d stop right in front of me and search for my eyes, which i’m trying to keep from looking into those dazzling hazle eyes of his.In the end i’d look up at him, and he’d ask me if i want to dance, and i’d say yes even if i can’t dance to save my life. He’d laugh, and i’d blush because that laugh is the sweetest sound i’d ever heard… He’d try and teach me a couple steps, and simply give me a crooked smile when i mess up. At last we will dance and it would be lovely. We’d talk and my head would rest on his shoulder as we sway to the rhythm of the lovely tune. We’d talk about that thing we both love and how that was the reason we started talking in the first place. & lastly he’d say that he liked me, that he always did. & in that moment i’d be the happiest person on earth, i would actually feel like a princess. Things would have been perfect….


Back to reality, where i’m not his princess, and where i will be forces to endure seeing that lovely boy at Prom with girls lining up to dance with him. How knows, maybe he will dance with them, maybe he will have a date, guys like him: sweet, dazzling, and debonaire always have a date. & me i’ll be there at a table with my friends trying my best to look happy, but i will fighting off the tears. Maybe he’ll look my way and give me a faint smile like he often does. Maybe he’ll even say hello to me… All i know is that it wont be what i want, not even the part of me looking beautiful and of course not the part where i’m actually happy….

So there it is, the reason why Prom is not something i want…


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