The worst week of my life was full of wedgies, swirllies, getting pantsed, getting shoved in lockers, and more. the worst week of my life was the first day of Jr. High.
our Jr. High is a building for 6th-8th graders. and the 7th and 8th graders like to pick on 6th graders. and the teachers do nothing about it. so i hope my pain and humility entertain you.

Chapter 1


by: awsome11
the first day of Jr. High was terrible. on the bus ride to school i got pantsed, and guess what, i was wearing tighty whities,because my parents kept buying tighty whities instead of boxers. and everyone saw my underwear. during the entire ride to school i was hanging by my underwear at the back of the bus. then when i got to school two 8th graders grabbed be and took me to the gym. in the gym there were about 50 other 6th grade guys, and all the 7th and 8th grade guys. they made us strip down to our underwear (so i was standing there in tighty whities) and took turns giving us 50 wedgies each. after that the made run to the bathroom (in our underwear) and gave us swirllies. then they made us run to our lockers where they left us hanging by our underwear in our lockers for all of first period. then they took us down and took turns giving us 20 wedgies each. then they said they wouldn't give us our cloths back until the end of the day. so we had to go through the rest of school in our underwear, and get this the teachers wouldn't let us call home for new clothes. at lunch an 8th grader grabbed me and gave me an atomic wedgie, it went over my head and didn't rip! then he left me hanging from the gym backboard by my underwear for the rest of lunch. then in the locker room the same guy gave me another atomic wedgie. then in gym class we had to climb the rope. and half way up the rope my pants fell off (they still hadn't given me my clothes back i was wearing gym clothes). then after school the 7th and 8th graders who took our clothes made all of us run 20 laps in our underwear they said if we stop at all they wouldn't give us back our clothes and would keep taking our clothes for the rest of the year. 10 of us stopped (i did not) and they kept there promise. then they gave us back our clothes (all except those 10) and gave us atomic wedgies and said we had to keep our underwear over our head like that the entire bus ride home and since at least on of them rides each of our buses we did. and that was the end of day 1


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