So I got the idea from JustWannaBeWithYou and Wanderlust_of_Evergreen's stories! Go find them! NOW!

Chapter 1

Prologue: Asleep at my Computer...

I scrolled down the page, looking at my Updated Threads. It was, what? 9:00, 10:00 at night? In another hand, I held The Two Towers. I had gotten to the part with Gollum/Smeagol leading Frodo and Sam to Mordor. Another lazy night in the middle of summer. In Southern California, the temperature during the day ranges from the mid-80s to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. So, naturally, I prefer to stay inside. In the air-conditioning. Anyways, that stuff aside, I had just returned from a crazy adventure in Tekktopia, where I had met people who I thought were fictional characters, nearly died, and generally had a great time. Weird things happen to me when I fall asleep at my computer. One time, I woke up as a winged cat with elemental powers. It was fun. Funny thing is, I had been working on my book that had to do with just that... so you can imagine what happened when I fell asleep.
I woke up on a dirt road. I knew that I was in Middle Earth. I was wearing a cream-white blouse and brown pants. I calmly stood and brushed myself off, then looked down at my feet. I had on shoes, so I wasn't a Hobbit. I felt the tips of my ears. Rounded, not pointed. I was a human. That's for sure. My suspicions were only confirmed when I saw that I was much taller than the four men approaching me.
"Hello, there!" I said cheerfully, acting as if I hadn't just appeared in the middle of the road.
A sandy-haired man looked at me curiously.
"Are you alright, ma'am? That looked like a nasty fall you took there," he said.
"I'm fine, sir. Just a bit clumsy," I replied, smiling.
Another man, this one with dark hair, held out a hand.
"I'm Frodo," he said.
I shook his hand.
"I'm Jade."
The others introduced themselves as Merry, Pippin, and Sam.
"Well, then.... I'll be off," I said.
"Where are you heading?" asked Merry.
"Who knows? Somewhere, I guess," I sighed.
"We were just heading to Bilbo Baggin's birthday party," Pippin said.
I tilted my head. So this was the part of the story where the party was about to start...
"It's also my birthday," Frodo added.
"Good for you, then."
"Would you like to come?" he asked.
"I guess."
"Well, then, follow us. We'll show you the way there."
I followed them for a while, mind racing. I was actually in The Lord of the Rings!

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