READ: I've found an easier way to defriend someone WITHOUT searching through your friend pages.

I feel like a Lord.

Chapter 1

The method.

This is for people who have pages and pages of friends, it can be difficult to find them when there's a much easier thing.
And just because you know how to do this, doesn't mean you can all go and unfriend everyone just because it's "fun". Countless times I've had this problem so it might be good for you lot.

1. Make sure you know the name of the username (NOT the nickname of the person you want to defriend).

2. Go to your profile and click 'View All Friends'.

3. Go to the url

example -[example]/friends
paste this in next to 'friends'

/ drop/?user=
(make sure you move the comma next to the 'd' so it, I've put it like that because it makes the writing itallic). If you're still not sure, look at the bottom of my About Me. Just take the brackets out.

4. Paste the nickname of the user next to that so it should look like this[example]/friends/drop/?user=[example]

Press enter and you will notice that it comes up with "You have defriended example".

I know it seems like a bit of a hassle, but when you've got hundreds of friends, this is the quicker way.

NOTE: Make sure to put '/drop/?user=' in your bio or something, so you don't forget it.

I've been doing everything the URL way now, to go on Quibblo on my phone I tweet '' and click it, haha.


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