In My Pants Repost

Chapter 1

Just listening and using Youtube Mix..

1. When I Was Your Man in my pants (What?)
2.I'm Yours in my pants. (Well, isn't that why I unwillingly agreed?)
3.Locked Out Of Heaven in my pants. (Goodie, I was a slutt, so that's why I'm locked out. xD)
4. Try in my pants. (No,,,)
5. Who Knew in my pants. (,.,.)
6. Just Give Me A Reason in my pants. (I'm doing this repost.)
7. Tonight I'm Getting Over You in my pants. (cough That's what she said. cough)
8.Stay in my pants. (That's what she said..)
9.Troublemaker in my pants. (THATSSS WHAAT SHEEE SAIDD)
10. Little Things in my pants. (HAHHAHAHAHHA XDD)
11.Daylight in my pants (O.o)
12.If You Could See Me Now in my pants... (I'm maaasterbating... Apparently.. xDD)
13. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) in my pants (Take away "One Last Kiss")
14. Feel This Moment in my pants. (-_-)
15.Scream and Shout in my pants (THATS WHAT SHE SAID)
16.I Won't Give Up in my pants. (God..)
17. It's Time in my pants. (GET READYY XDD)
18. Kiss Me in my pants. (Bro, that's what SHE said.)
19. Give Me Love in my pants. (LEGIT)
20.Radoactive in my pants (That's what she said....)


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