When The Seasons Change~ Original Poem

As the tittle says

Chapter 1

Original Poem

As the seasons change,
so do you.
From Autumn to Winter,
you are sad and gloomy.
From Spring to Summer,
you'r happy and alive.
I want to be with you during Autumn and Winter,
so I can comfort you and hold you close.
We can share a blanket between the two of us,
in front of the fire place trying to keep warm.
I want to be with you during Spring and Summer,
so i can share your laughter and joy.
We can spin around in the sunshine,
untill we get dizzy and fall over,
With images of each other circling around us.

I also change when the seasons come.
Though Autumn to Winter.
Through Spring and Summer.
Would you change for me if you had the chance?


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