How Do YOU Define Perfection?

Chapter 1

Just Thought of it..

How can you truely define perfection?
The way you look, smell, sound, or your actions?
Not one person can be flawless.
Everyone has a flaw,
In every shape, way, or form.
You cannot have 1,000,000% perfect hair, skin, body, or teeth.
There will be something that is not perfect.
And that's okay.
Something may haunt your body.
Anorexia, Bulimia, cancer, scoliosis, arthritis, scars.
But that's okay.
You may have that one blackhead you can never gwr rid of.
But that's okay.
No one was born to be 100% perfect.
it's actually what makes you different.
I believe that no human can be perfect.
A cake can be perfect, or a score. (Like 100% on a test)
And so,

Not being perfect is okay.

No need to try.

Being yourself is perfect.


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