No one can Know

The job: Find out details about a Russian conspierecy/kidnapping threat
The complication: The wrong girl gets kidnapped
The other complication: No one can know
The new job: To get the girl back

Chapter 1

The characters

my character:

Name: Vasilisa Zanvisky
Gender: Female
Age (between 14-17): 15
Personailty: Kind, motherly, loyal, protective, honest, very smart
Looks: Long pale blode hair, fair skin, athletic, 5' 4'', purple eyes, inocent smile
Speacail talent (each character has their own): Tricking people [only if she has too]
Nationality: Russian
Other? She is the Russain princess, that almst got kidnapped.

Dreams_Come_True's character
Name: Jessica Roth
Gender: Female
Age (between 14-17): 15
Personailty: Tough, likes to lead, kind, mother hen, hurt-someone-she-loves-and-you're-dead
Looks: long Copper curls, Emreld green eyes, tan skin, 5 foot 5
Speacail talent (each character has their own): Planning and preparing
Nationality: American

ClumsyMe527's Character
Name: Keavy Boyd
Gender: Female
Age (between 14-17): 15
Personailty: Brilliant, Shy, Modest, Helpful, Logical, Kind, Stubborn
Looks: Auburn Wavy Hair Almost Always in A Braid, Teal Eyes, Fair Skin, 5'3, Average Weight
Special talent: Memorization
Nationality: Scottish
Other?: Knows 5 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and French. Memorizes almost everything that's put out in front of her, doesn't necessarily like fighting but will if she has too

The_Voices_In_My_Head 's Character
Name: Giana (Or as Glinda calls her Sierra, but no one else can call her that or I'll ripp up the story I'm writting bout her and she'll be dead) Benidade
Gender: Female
Age (between 14-17): 16
Personailty: Cherry, preppy, cheerleader. Although thats how she acts like that at school she
Looks: Can I send you a picture later? She has tan skin, brown
Special talent (each character has their own): She distracts everyone with her sweetness, she is super strong, almost inhuman

Writing_Is_My_Soul's Character
Name: Moina Hogan
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Personality: Mild, quiet, strong-hearted, over-thinks
Looks: Black hair, fair skin, blue eyes, medium height
Special talent: She is very good at reading people, how they act, and why they act like it
Nationality: Irish, but works in the English base
Other: Because she over-thinks, she usually thinks of the solution before she realizes it

Name: Suzanna Cinderson
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Personality: Bubbly, cheerful, fun-loving, very smart.
Looks: Puffy (not frizzy) orange-brown corkscrew curls to shoulders, caramel eyes, very tall, tanned skin, slightly thin.
Special Talent: Becoming friends. "Keep your friends close, and your enemy's closer." Also, surprisingly strong.
Nationality: American

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