Sassier Than You-Louis Tomlinson Story

Sassing a celebrity. I won. Wanna know the outcome? Love.

Chapter 18

Thank Goodness for Gossip Channles!

I walk into my apartment to be greeted by the sound of a TV. I roll my eyes. I really should hide my spare key somewhere else.
I shove off my shoes and walk in, following the sound of the television to the family room. Kurleyen is on my couch, eating my popcorn, and watching the screen with wide eyes. She turns around when she sees me.

"Oh my gosh. Quarrah are you ok?!" she screeches, and is at my side in a moment.
"Yeah." my voice cracks. She grabs my arm and steers me to the couch, pushing me down onto it gently before plopping down beside me herself.
"No pretending to be strong right now, missy. Tell me what's going on! C'mon I'm you're best friend! Please?" she prompts. I sigh.
"WHAT DID THAT IDIOT DO TO MY BESTIE! I AM GOING TO HUNT HIM DOWN AND TEAR OFF HIS B-" "Kurleyen, I really don't need to hear you're crazy punishment about ripping off people's private parts, no offence." I interrupt.
"I just want to help!" she pleads. "Please tell me,"

I tell her every little word Louis said. How he blamed me for his ex-girlfriend breaking up with him. And how he said he still loves her. I think that's what hurt me the most. Two times we kissed... don't you think it should actually mean something? Unfortunately, I didn't even realise I was falling so hard. Not that I told Kurleyen that or anything... she would only laugh and say "I told you so!". When I'm done my story, all is silent, other than the TV. I focus my senses on that to try and distract myself.

"... and just a few minutes ago, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction was mobbed, according to local anonymous resources. It was said that he was in a desperate rush to get somewhere, maybe to see a honey or something. Of course, we will be doing some digging on that subject as well. And now on to Sydney McMillons who has word on Selena Gomez..." my eyes widen in shock. Kurleyen glances at me.
"You think?"
"Yes! And I've got to go help him!"
"Woaaaah. He's a clueless jerk. He just hurt you, and if I were you, I'd be goin' nowhere."
We both exchange a glance before she facepalms, realising what I'm about to do. I start singing 'Going Nowhere' by Little Mix. Kurleyen rolls her eyes at me, but grins.
"I see someone's feeling better."
I roll my eyes back at her. "Nah. Singing just helps me feel better. Like shouting random things at the top of my lungs. Would you rather I did that?"
"Honestly? Yes. No offence, but you sound like a dying goat."
"I feel so loved." I pretend to burst into tears before standing up and running to the door to grab my TOMS. "HEY YOU SMART ALEC PIECE OF SALAD! ARE YOU COMING OR NOT. IF SO, GET YOU'RE BUTT OVER HERE RIGHT NOW AND PUT YOUR FLICKING SHOES ON."

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