Sassier Than You-Louis Tomlinson Story

Sassing a celebrity. I won. Wanna know the outcome? Love.

Chapter 1

The Sass-Off

"YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR BEAUTIFUL!" I screech, getting some very strange looks. "YOU GOT A PROB WITH MY SINGING? COME AT ME BRO!" I yell.

Some people look at me like I'm a mentally deranged weirdo. I roll my eyes, feeling like a boss. I'm sitting at a table at a small outside cafe with my best friend Kureleyn. She calls me insane. Then I ask her why she hangs out with me. She never responds.

"Oh shudup Quack." She chuckles as I pull a classic Louis, dumping salt from some random packets I found in my beanie and putting it on my head.. "Your making people stare! And what are you DOING?"
"Im putting my hat on what the salad does it look like?" I respond, rolling my eyes at her craycrayness. There's some laughing from behind me.
"Remember that Lou?"

I turn around to see two guys laughing their heads off. They have their hoods up and are using horribly fake 'American' accents. I find it rather insulting.

"Haha." I say sarcastically. "Nice American accents guys." I roll my eyes again. "Sure convinces me your not Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction." They freeze.
"Wha-?" Cries Niall in shock.

Kureleyn giggles. I turn around and pull my beanie off.

"Wow. Bad dandruff today." I shrug as the salt cascades down my head, through my hair, and all over the upper half of my body.
"Your insane!" Kureleyn laughs.
"I know." I grin. "Whatcha wanna do now?"
"I want to get coffee."
"Your short enough!" I protest, shaking salt out of my hair.

Some of it hits her, some if it hits those boys who 'aren't' (note the sarcasm) from One Direction, and some of it hits some strangers.

"I am not short!" Kurleyen scowls at me before stomping off. I roll my eyes and turn around.
"Hello Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan who are definitely NOT from One Direction. Vas happening?"
"Umm nothing?" Louis says in surprise.
"I have eyes Captain Obvious." I snort.
"I know that Sergeant Sarcasm." He replies sassily. I roll my eyes at him.
"And they call you the sass master from Doncaster?" I shake my head in disgust. "You need some work!" His eyes flash angrily, and he stands up.
"Yeah I'm the sass master from Doncaster!"

He steps towards me, and I stand up. His hood falls off, and he seems to completely forget about his fake accent.

"And I ain't gonna lose a sass off to the likes of you!" He snaps his fingers.
"Look! It's Louis Tomlinson!" Someone yells. I ignore them.
"Your such a sweet talker. How DO the girls resist your charms?" I step forward in annoyance. "By looking at your face?"

By now, a small crowd has formed and some of them are yelling;


"If you had half a brain, you'd be dangerous. Why don't you actually come up with something true with that little amount of brain you have?"
"Still not the best I've heard. Did you have to study to be this stupid, or did it come naturally?" I ask, pretending to be interested.

Niall gasps. Louis takes another step foreword, a vein pulsing in his forehead. I smirk at him, waiting for him to think up a comeback.

"Um... Uh... How is that your able to carry your enormous ego up stairs?" He's almost out of ideas.
"It takes practice, sweetie."

I take a last step forward and pinch his cheek between my fingers. He pulls away.

"ANYWAY, I'm sorry, I didn't know I was in the presence of the mentally lacking. I'll try to use words with less syllables for the understanding of your small brain."

The silence gets longer, and I think I've won when-

"How about you slip into something that would be more comfortable for both of us? Like... hm... maybe a coma?"
"Nah. Lets play a game instead! How about you swim to the bottom of a pool, and I count to a million?"

That's it. I smirk. He's done. We both lean foreword and before I know it, his lips are moving with mine.

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