Love at First Fight

What happens when your a spy and you fall in love with your target? Nothing good. When the two groups of spies meet and its love at first fight, what will they do to keep each other alive?

Chapter 1

Meet the chracters

Guy characters
Name: Luke Samson
Age: 15
Personality: Shy, quiet, secretive, doesn't trust easily, intelligent, kind, will do anything for a friend.
Looks: Shaggy blond hair, green eyes, pale, tall(in an awkward way), skinny.
Special skill: His intelligence, and he's pretty good at hacking into things.
Weakness: Betrayal
Other: He's the "quiet" and "smart" one of the group.
Love interest: Alice Jinkens

Name: Sebastian Maya Lee
Age: 14
Personality: Calm, cool, and collected. Seems like the type of person who prefers uneventful days, yet actually loves excitement and high-energy situations. Friendly, likes to joke, thinks is bad at joking.
Looks: Longish wavy dark brown hair, pale blue eyes, very tall, slightly pale skin.
Special Skill: When in a chaotic situation, Sebastian is able to focus and figure out what needs to be done. Comfortable with slipping in to conversation with random people.
Weakness: Acrophobic
Other: Father died in a plane crash when Sebastian was ten.
Love Interest: Kylee Jenks

Name: Blake Chandler
Age: 17
Personality: Sarcastic, slightly aggressive, has a bit of a temper, funny, nice and protective to the people he cares about
Special Skill: Martial arts, good with knives/guns etc.
Weakness: Going after his family.friends
Other: His mom and and dad were murdered. He only has his little sister, Rose, left.
Love Interest: Maria Madden

Name: Elende smith
Looks:Dark blue eyes, tall,this frame, strong,long striaght black hair.
Special skill: Invisibility, force feilds
Weakness: Electricity
Other: Mother works in a office and dad is a accountent
Love interest: Nina Dobrev

Name: Kylee Jenks
Age: 14
Personality: Tough, seems fearless, loyal, quiet
Looks: Black hair, green eyes, pale skin, tall, slender
Special Skill: Fighting, Hiding.
Weakness: People hurting her friends
Other: she never met her family
Love Intrest: Sebastian Maya Lee

Name: Maria Madden
Age: 15
Personality: sly, confusing, never really knows what is going on
Looks: Hazel eyes, hair the color of barley, slight tan, medium height and build
Special skill: Twisting the emotions of others and identity theft
Weakness: Her compassion
Other: Her mother was an agent with the CIA
Love interest: Blake Chandler

Name: Nina Dobrev
Age: 17
Personality: Loves crime, pretty, unique and hilarious.
Looks: Hazel eyes, Brown straight hair, lightly tanned, tall and thin.
Special skill: Reading minds
Weakness: Red back spiders
Other: Her mother was a secret agent and a cop and had two jobs.
Love interest: Elende smith

Name: Alice Jinkens
Age: 15
Personality: Loyal, tough, protective, seretive
Looks: Long Dark blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, 5 foot 6, lithe
Special skill: covert operations
Weakness: those close to her being hurt
Other: Shes the leader :) :P :)
Love intrest: Luke Samson

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