The MJ Tetralogy: Debut

In addition to the MJ trilogy that ended this year, the MJ trilogy is now called the "MJ Tetralogy" with the fourth and final story in the series. The Debut of the MJ Tetralogy was posted on April 20,2013. The name of the final story will be released in the opening title as well as the information.
Copyright 2013 under Venice_Solace21

Chapter 1

The MJ Tetralogy~Debut

The MJ Tetralogy Debut
Date released: 4/20/13
Rating: PG-13
Type of Story: Fanfiction, action, adventure, mini-concert, drama. Series
Copyright under Venice_Solace21

Moonwalker City~ Is the last story of the MJ tetralogy (name released- 4/21/13)

*Synopsis: With Lydia placed behind bars once again her obsession with the legendary King of Pop hasn't changed. Lydia's mind began to break into pieces until she created another persona from her own blood, since she can't break free physically she'll break free in a another way. After the world tour, Regina and her Moonwalker friends (Felicia, Lisa, Annie) decided to take a trip to this famous city for people similar to them...The Emerald Isles, but their trip might be interrupted once again with a new force of obsession and another rocky adventure.


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