My Favorite Band

Chapter 1

by: abaddon
Basic Questions!

1. Who is your favorite band?
My Chemical Romance

2. Who is your least favorite band?
It's a tie between BrokenCYDE and One Directshit.

3. Why are they your favorite band?
Their personalities and their songs.

4. How did you discover your favorite band?
when I was six, I was at my older cousin's house and he was playing MCR. I liked it, and from there I was hooked.

5. What's your favorite thing about your favorite band?
They're really funny. xD

Song Questions!
1. A song of theirs that makes you cry?
The Light Behind Your Eyes. I can't listen to it without sobbing. ;~;

2. A song of theirs that makes you laugh?
No songs of theirs make me laugh, but the music video of I'm Not Okay (I Promise) is pretty funny.

3. A song of theirs you want to play at a certain time in your life?
I want Helena played at my funeral and I actually had Teenagers playing on loop during my 13th birthday party. xD

4. A song of theirs you can relate to?

5. A song of theirs you hate?
I don't hate any of them, but I'm not a big fan of Bulletproof Heart. e.o

6. A song of theirs you can dance to?
I don't dance. But if I did, I'd probably dance to Na Na Na or Boy Division.

7. Your favorite music video?
I'm Not Okay (I promise) and The Ghost Of You

8. Your favorite song of theirs?
HOW MUST I PICK?! If I must, I'd say Boy Division and Vampires Will Never Hurt You.

Test Your Knowledge!
1. List the names of all the band members.
Gerard Way
Mikey Way
Frank Iero
Ray Toro
(the following left the band at some point)
Matt Pelissier
Bob Bryar
Mike Pedicone

2. List all their songs you can think of. NO CHEATING.
Vampires Will Never Hurt You, Helena (So Long And Goodnight), Give 'Em Hell, Kid, You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), The Ghost Of You, Thank You For The Venom, Hang 'Em High, Cemetery Drive, I Never Told You What I Do For A Living, Desert Song, The End., Dead!, This Is How I Disappear, Welcome To The Black Parade, The Sharpest Lives, I Don't Love You, House Of Wolves, Mama, Cancer, Sleep, Teenagers, Disenchanted, Famous Last Words, Blood, Kill All Your Friends, My Way Home Is Through You, Heaven Help Us, Na Na Na, Bulletproof Heart, SING, Planetary (GO!), The Only Hope For Me Is You, Party Poison, Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, Destroya, Summertime, The Kids From Yesterday, Tomorrow's Money, Boy Division, Ambulance, GUN., The World Is Ugly, The Light Behind Your Eyes, I Kiss The Ring, and Surrender The Night.
Considering that I couldn't name most of the Bullets album, I didn't include live versions (that were on albums), and I didn't include the recording that were part of Danger Days (Look Alive Sunshine, Jet Star and the Kobra Kid/Traffic Report, etc.) I think I did pretty well...

3. Random trivia begins now!

A. The lead singer's middle name?

B. What was their first album called?
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

C. How many Grammys have they won?
I honestly don't know this. I think they were nominated for one or two but I'm not sure if they won anything.

Other Random Questions
1. The first song you ever heard by your favorite band?
Vampires Will Never Hurt You

2. How many of their songs do you have on your phone/iPod?
About twenty. I would have more, but my iPod is new so I don't have many songs on it.

3. Put it on shuffle, which of their songs came up first?
Boy Division

4. Have you ever heard your favorite band on the radio?
Once. They played Teenagers on my local rock station.

5. Do you know anyone else with the same favorite band?
Of course!


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