Tournament Entry

This is for a tournament, the topic is romance, and I like comedy, so this is a short romantic-comedy (yay for getting around rules without really cheating, just being creative! :D) Anyways, done with me being stupid.

Awesomeok1, feel free to deduct points because its late and I asked you to change the due date. I deserve it.

Chapter 1

How To Seranade A Girl

What else was I suposed to do to win her over? I couldn't let some jerk Ian get her play her, making her think he's such a great guy, though it's all part of his act. I should know, he was my best friend.

This evening was cool. The sun made my hair glisten in the sun, my guitar sparkled like water. I've never been to her house, the only reason I knew it was because I asked one of her friends, who for some reason actually gave me her address.

I had to get her attention, otherwise it could be ours before she stepped out on her balcony, then I'd just be a creepy stalker standing in a girl's backyard. So I did what any desperate guy would do in this situation, throw pepples from her garden at her bedroom window until she comes outside!

Well, the being the ignorant boy I am with no respect for other people's property, I picked up the first pebble, and threw it at the window. Sadly I've never been too good at baseball and I overshot the pebble and hit the roof.

"Secound time's the charm!" I declared and grabbed a smaller rock, throwing it much lower than last time. It hit the glass door with a thud. Perfect! I waited for a couple of secounds, but nothing happend.

I picked up a 3rd pebble, and threw it again, nailing it right on the glass door again. Still nothing happend. Finally, after a fourth throw I heard the door open. I started strumming my original tune win an old man walked out onto the balcony. "HEY! QUIT THROWING ROCKS! I'M GOING TO CALL THE COPS!" He yelled down at me!

"Isn't this 465 Murberry lane?" I called up!

The Old man threw a book entitled "War and Peace" at me screaming "NO! GO AWAY YOU JUEVENILE DELINQUENT! THE COPS, THEY ARE COMING!"

I threw the remaining pebble I had at the old man and quickly jumped the gate. I could hear him in the back yelling and screaming!

Quickly I headed toward the front of the the house. 468. Overshot it by 3 houses! I ran down three houses, and jumped into the correct backyard. I could see Dani, rocking in a chair on her balcony reading a book, just like she does at school.

"Dani!" I called up to her.

She rose her head from her book and looked down at me. "Cade? What are you doing here? How the heck do you know where I live?"

I felt my face blush, I had to do something! "Doesn't matter, it's just. well."

Dani starting blushing too. Quickly I saw her try to change the subject. "What's the guitar for? You play?"

I looked down at my acoustic guitar, I forgot I even had it around my neck? What was I doing again? The only thing I could muzzle out was a shy "yes, I do.."

"Can you play me a song?" She asked intently, putting down her book.

A song! That's what I was going to do! I hesitantly nodded and started strumming. My foot started tapping to the rhythym, and I could hear the tune in my head.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are gray
You never know dear, how much I love you,
please don't take, my sunshine away."

I looked up at Dani, and she had the biggest grin I have ever seen. "I remember that song when I was little, my mom, she always sang it to me before I went to bed."

I was shocked, to tell you the truth. Did it actually work? "My-my dad, he did too. Before he went to Iraq. He taught me that song last year."

All I could do was smile, I didn't know what to say, and I could tell. Just then, police sirens starting coming out of the distance. I looked over the fence and saw the red and blue lights, illuminating the evening sky.

"Do you think I can come in, Dani? Long story" I asked with a slight smile.

She giggled, and nodded. "I'll let you in. Hold on secound."

She unlocked the door, and I walked inside. She pushed me into the counter, and kissed me. That's all I really wanted, some love.

From that day on, I walked a little bit taller, I knew I had gotten out of my comfort zone, and the results were worth it. All I had to do, was let the heart do, a d the results were worth it.


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