Soulmates And sorcery (A Harry Potter love Story)

Rose and Harry will alternate chapters

Chapter 1

Rose's Cheating Boyfriend (Harry)

"YOU WHAT??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I could hear Rose yell, swinging at him,"YOU..... YOU.....B------!"
"I cheated on you and led you on...Rose, Baby....I'm sorry..."
Blimey...Did Roxas cheat again?! That slimy git!
I flew off the broomstick handle and pulled out my wand, running straight at him.
"Harry no!" Rose shouted," Harry no! It's not worth it!"
There was no bloody way I was going to let that pig get away with hurting my friend again.
"Potter....Potter chill out man!" Roxas yelped as I pointed my wand at his throat
I was just inches from performing the Cruciatus curse on him. No one hurts my friends and gets away with it-not while my blood still courses through my veins.
My heart was pounding wildly and the only thing I could feel right now was fierce rage...
Rose got behind me and held me back.
"Harry, put your wand away, it's not worth it."
I still couldn't believe he cheated on her again, but I put my wand away......

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