Read If I Have Sent A Friend or If you Are My Friend

Chapter 1


well herro there.
One thing you should know is I joke alot. So don't get your panties up your arse over one thing i say.
Second, I use a phone so I make a lot of typos.
Third, I am strong about presenting myself, and instead of clicking that "reject" button cause there is something you don', how bout you get
to know me first?
Next, I am sarcastic. Very. But i am very good at it and I sound seriojs, so. Take that into account.
Next, I have like no friends. But "Look at the 671 you have!" Think i talk to 671 people a day? I just talk to like one every day. On here, and thwt is my good friend, Alexx.
Yeah, i got a few outskde here but i'm not as good friends witj them.
Next, I worry cause I care. (I told Alexx this) You tell me you're.sick to your stomach and i am gonna go "aww" and try to do the best I damn
can to make you better.
Next, i hate fakers. If you go around sayijg things to try to make yourself
fit in, you'll get no where. You will get accepted for being yourself. (THis goes for you, Alexx)
If you would hate on Sèxuality, race, or anything else to present yourself as a bully, I will delete your arse.
You hate on what i like,I will b8tch right back.
I have tendencies to be emotional and overemotional.
I have feelings (Shocker!)
I don't care about religion, please don't talk 24/7 about it.
Don't make yourself look like a slut. It only hurts you.
Don't take boobage pics. 95% of the quibblo girls don't like seeing boobs. Neither the sane boys.
talk to me anytime you have a problem.
And please
Be your-fūcking-self.


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