Through it All (a Harry Potter Fanfic)

Through it All (a Harry Potter Fanfic)

All right, so this is a group story with me and PoetryGirl_16. If you're not already friends with this chic, go to my top friends list and friend her cuz she's AWESOME!

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Chapter 8

The Interrogations ~Darcy Malfoy

"Ah, Harry m'boy! Nice to see you again!"

Wait, what?

Slughorn's outburst caused Gwen, Neville and I to turn and glare at Harry, who shrugged apologetically before turning back to face the fat man who had not a hair on his head.

Oh yeah, of course Harry didn't think to mention he knew this guy? Boys.

"Nice to see you too, sir," Harry was saying now. "These are my friends Neville Longbottom and his twin sister Gwen and Darcy Malfoy."

Slughorn shook all of our hands very eagerly, saying "Welcome, welcome" and showing us to seats in the compartment.

I took the seat closest to the window, with Harry across from me (and next to Slughorn), and Gwen and Neville on my right side.

"Uh, thanks," Gwen muttered, glancing around the compartment with suspicion in her gaze.

I, of course, wasted no time in asking Slughorn what we were all there for. After all, I'd rather be in a compartment with my friends than in a compartment with my new professor.

But the only response I got was one that I was used to getting in answer of my impatient questions: wait.

Slughorn seemed amused by my impatience. "Well, I'd like to wait until everyone else gets here. There are still a few of us missing. But please, help yourself to food while you wait."

I rolled my eyes at the ceiling. When I said I never turn down free food, that didn't mean I actually wanted to eat.

Meanwhile, my friends were staring at the amount of food on the table, in shock of how much there was.

Of course, I was also amazed at what lengths this professor was prepared to go, but I was also more used to the sight; this amount of food was put out at ever meal in the Malfoy Manor, no matter how many people were present to eat.

But still...blimey, Slughorn must love his food. "A little lunch", my ass.

My rather rude thoughts were interrupted by Gwen whispering in my ear: "Ron would certainly be jealous if he knew how much food there was here."

A derisive snicker slipped from my lips and I grabbed a few random items of food to put on my plate.

That he would. I thought with a smirk.

I chose then to look across the table at Slughorn and Harry, and I saw Slughorn eyeing Gwen and Neville in a way that was very familiar to me:


I couldn't help the little gasp that escaped my lips when I saw his look.

He ...he always watches everything with greed too...

No, no, no, no, no, I'm fine. Darcy, you're fine. Relax.

He's a teacher. Not a Death Eater. Not an evil person. Not anyone who's going to hurt you or your friends!

Darcy, calm down!


At Harry's confused voice, I snapped out of my nervous panic attack to see that everyone in the compartment was staring at me.

My friends look confused, concerned, and almost wary, as did Slughorn.

"Um, I'm going to go make sure the other students didn't get lost," he said hastily, disappearing out of the compartment in a flash.

"What?" I said rather harshly after he left, without even knowing why as I scrambled to get my composure back.

Harry exchanged a look with Gwen and Neville. "Are...are you okay?"

Of course not. But wait- yes, yes you are, Darcy! You're fine!

I raised an eyebrow at him steadily. "What the bloody hell makes you think that I'm not okay?"

There was a pause.

"Um...Darcy? You're stabbing your hand with your fork." Neville said tentatively. "Did you not notice?"


"Yeah, you know, while you were busy being 'okay' and all that." Gwen added flatly.

I blinked at my hand in surprise, seeing that I was indeed pressing the prongs of my fork into the palm of my hand. When I set the utensil on the table, there were deep impressions left on my hand.

That's funny. I didn't even feel anything.

I bit my lip, racking my brains for some joke or excuse for my odd behavior.

But luckily, I was saved from having to think of something by the distracting reappearance of Professor Slughorn, bringing along Ginny Weasley, Cormac McLaggen, and Blaise Zabini into the compartment with him.

Slughorn directed them all to seats, saying hello and welcoming the three other students into the compartment with that same greedy look in his eyes.

Ginny waved at Harry, who turned red, and grinned at Neville, Gwen and I as she sat down on the other side of Neville.

I seized the chance at the distraction to cover up my mini-panic attack and acted normal again.

"Oi, Ginny, how are you love?" I called down the row to her, leaning against the table a bit so I could see her past Gwen and Neville.

Ginny shot an uneasy look at Slughorn before looking back at me. "Right now? Hoping I don't get expelled before school even starts." She muttered in return, half to herself.

I met Gwen's eyes for a second, making a "what the hell?" face, but she didn't return it, just gave me a look of her own that i knew meant I was in no way off the hook for my performance.

I looked away when Slughorn cleared his throat.

"Now, do you know everyone?" The professor directed the question at the four of us. "Blaise Zabini is in your year, of course-"

I met Zabini's gaze and sent him a smirk and a wink.

He's been my brother', if you can call him that, for years now. I kind of dated him a little bit in our fourth year, but then broke it off before the Yule Ball, and he hasn't really liked me since.

He just glared at me sullenly, obviously not in a very friendly mood.

Slughorn was continuing: "This is Cormac McLaggen, perhaps you've come across each other-? No?"

Ugh. Yes, I have. Git. I shook my head in disgust.

McLaggen winked at me from the other side of Slughorn and gave a little wave, complete with a smirk (how dare he!).

Let's just say he and I have always had a bit of a rivalry with each other.

"-and this charming young lady tells me she knows you!" Slughorn grinned cheerfully, not even noticing the glares being thrown around his compartment.

I believe that's already been established. I thought with a roll of my eyes.

"Well now, this is most pleasant." Slughorn said happily, even clapping his hands a little bit in excitement.

Blimey...he's bloody insane.

The rest of the luncheon only went downhill from there.

Slughorn had only invited all of us students to his compartment because he seemed to think we all had something special to offer "the world" (or really just him).

Really sweet and heart-warming, right?

Try full-on creepy. The new professor knew more about each student than we knew about ourselves.

(Obviously I'm exaggerating ever so slightly, but you get my point.)

Zabini's mum is famous for being rich and beautiful (and bloody hell she's gorgeous, which is where her son gets it from) and that's why he was at the lunch.

We then had to listen to McLaggen boast about how he knows the Minister and Merlin-knows who else for over half an hour. I got a splitting headache and Slughorn got undeniably giddy.

Slughorn interrogated Gwen and Neville next, which made me want to punch him in the face.

All he wanted to hear about was there parents, two very famous (and highly respected by me) Aurors who had been tortured into insanity by my dreadful Aunt Bellatrix.

(See: Super Long List of Reasons of Why I Hate My Family for more information)

Neville grew quieter and quieter with each question he answered, looking as if he wanted to disappear.

But Gwen, she didn't even flinch at a single question Slughorn asked her. Instead, she seemed to grow more confident, as if she was having to defend her parents.

And she basically did.

Slughorn (the complete ass) even asked the twins if they thought their parents had made the right decision in refusing to tell Bellatrix Lestrange a thing.

I know. Horrible.

Somehow I managed not to lunge across the food-laden table and strangle Slughorn.

And then Slughorn was badgering me with questions about my mum and dad and my aunt Bellatrix and even my distant cousin Sirius Black (who was bloody innocent, mind you).

I stopped answering him after three uncomfortably tense questions. I just shut up, basically.

The professor seemed disappointed that I wouldn't answer his questions.

Aw...sorry to ruin your little game, Slughorn. I thought sarcastically as he moved on.

Of course, he babbled on and on about Harry, but as I've been Harry's friend for nearly six years, I've grown used to it and could usually tune it out.

But at one point during all of Slughorn's praise for Harry, Zabini let out a derisive snort.

"Yeah, Zabini, because you're so posing..." Ginny burst out angrily, her cheeks almost as red as her hair as she glared at Blaise.


"Oh dear!" Slughorn let out a chuckle, seeming amused amidst all of the hatred. "You want to be careful, Blaise! I saw this young lady perform the most marvelous Bat-Bogey Hex as I was passing her carriage! I wouldn't cross her!"

I wouldn't cross her either. I thought with a shudder.

After all, I was the one Ginny practiced her Bat-Bogey Hex on, for a dare from her twin brothers at our DA meetings last year.

The girl packs a bloody whallop.

I looked up then and saw Neville was staring at me and grinning broadly, seeming to be remembering the same thing as me. He turned red in the face and quickly looked away once he saw me notice.

A wry grin tugged its way onto my lips as Slughorn began to praise Harry again. I haven't the faintest idea why it was there, either.


"Aw come on, you've got to be bloody joking." I groaned as I stood in the doorway of our friends' compartment.

Every. Single. Seat. Was taken.

Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan had shown up in mine, Neville, Gwen, and Harry's absence, and were sitting next to Luna and now Neville, who had reclaimed his seat by sheer luck.

Gwen, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione were taking up the other side of the compartment, leaving no seats empty.

"Aw, Darcy, just sit on Neville's lap!" Gwen teased, tapping my leg with her foot. "That counts as a seat."

I rolled my eyes as the compartment filled with laughter and Neville's cheeks turned red again. "Yeah right, Gwen. I don't sit on peoples' laps without their permission. That would be considered rude."

At least Harry's not here. He bloody disappeared after we left Slughorn's compartment, which helps with the seating situation a little bit.

With a resigned sigh, I sat down on the floor of the compartment, sliding the door shut behind me and squishing into the corner by the door, brushing against Neville's legs at our closeness.

"Wait, Darcy!" Seamus called over, wiggling his eyebrows at me jokingly. "You've got my permission, love!"

I yawned loudly as Dean, Ginny, Ron and Gwen snickered. "I'm already on the floor, Finnigan. You lost your chance, mate."

"What are you tired or something Darcy?" Ron asked incredulously.

"Your observation skills a-astound me Ronald." I said around another yawn, causing my statement to lose some of its sarcastic touch. I got Hermione, Luna, Neville, and Gwen to laugh, though. "Yes, I'm tired. I hardly got any bloody sleep this summer, what with Mum badgering me and worrying about Dad- I mean- ugh. Damn. Sorry."

Damn mouth doesn't know when to shut up! I thought angrily to myself.

Dad's in Azkaban, sure, by my friends don't really want to hear about that. Most of them had to fight back at him at the Ministry last year and anyway he deserves to be in there.

But even thought I knew all of this, at the same time...he is my dad. And he wasn't there to protect me this summer.

Not wanting to see the looks on my friends' faces, and at that moment feeling so overwhelmingly sleepy, I laid my head on Neville's knee, closing my eyes as sheets of hair slipped over my ears and covered my face.

"Wake me up when we get to Hogwarts Neville?" I asked sleepily, not even waiting for or expecting an answer.

I don't even remember if there was an answer, honestly; if there was one, I certainly didn't hear it.

But I do remember feeling a cautious, tentative hand run through my long black hair, the touch gentle and soft, sending me into an even deeper sleep with a small smile on my lips.

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