Through it All (a Harry Potter Fanfic)

Through it All (a Harry Potter Fanfic)

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Chapter 2

Darcy Malfoy ~Why do I have to do this?

"Mum, where are we going?" I asked loudly, so loud that heads turned our way as we walked through the crushing crowds in Diagon Alley.

Mum glared at me witheringly as she walked over to a side alley, Draco staying silent and avoiding my gaze.

Well then, don't answer me, why don't ya. I thought sarcastically, literally biting my tongue to keep from saying it out loud.

As I turned to enter the dark alley after my twin brother and my mother, I could see Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Gwendolyn watching me part curiously and part suspiciously, probably because they can't stand Draco.

Not that I blame them, I can't stand him half the time either.

Gwen waved and I grinned back before Mum yanked me into the alley by my wrist, her grip tight as she glared at me.

"What are you doing, Darcy?" She hissed in my ear as she nearly dragged me down the dark alleyway until we had reached a door.

I rolled my eyes. "It's this new thing called being friendly. You should try it sometime, it totally changes your whole outlook."

Mum shut her eyes and took a deep breath, as if she was trying not to blow her top. "Darcy, we are going in this building. While we are here, you will do as I tell you. Is that clear?"

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. "Sure, Mum."

She's been so much stricter since Dad got sent to Azkaban. I thought sourly.

Yeah, my father has been sent to Azkaban. And my mum is lucky she didn't get sent with him. I'm pretty sure the only reason she didn't was because of my brother and I, who were "innocent". brother was hardly considered innocent anymore, and I still knew everything that the Dark Lord allowed the Death Eaters to know...I just knew how to keep myself alive.

Picking at the frayed edge of my multi-colored jean shorts, I saw Mum and Draco exchange a glance just before the door flew open, revealing a tall woman with a wild mane of black curls tumbling down her back paired with a crazed look in her eyes.

"Ah...Cissy! And my favorite niece and nephew!" She trilled, grinning at all of us as she leaned against the door.

"Bella, let us in quickly, I don't want anyone to try and follow us." Mum said quietly, glancing back up the alleyway quickly.

Bellatrix smirked and stepped to the side to allow my mother, Draco, and myself into the dark building.

Draco and Mum passed Bellatrix and I was about to follow them, but then I was tackled in a hug from behind by my insane aunt.

And I don't mean insane in a good way, either.

I mean the insane that is so bad that it consistently gives me nightmares.

"How's my favorite niece, Darcy?" Bellatrix crooned in my ear, laughing hysterically as I pretended to grin.

Put on a show, Darcy. You know that he is here, too. Put on another show.

"Just fine, Auntie Bellatrix!" I chirped as the two of us followed Mum and Draco down a hallway and up a set of stairs to a room with high windows looking out the back of the building. "So, what are we here for exactly?"

My aunt grinned ferociously and leaned in to whisper something in my ear. "The Dark Lord himself is here to speak with you."

Even though I'd figured that Lord Voldemort would be here, I still felt a spike of fear jolt through my body like electricity.

Be calm, Darcy. I instructed myself, putting up walls around my mind, knowing that my barriers had to be stronger than ever if my Legilimency was going to beat the Dark Lord's.

Bellatrix was still looking at me with a delighted expression on her face, as if I was supposed to be leaping for joy.

Which, in her eyes, I was.

I pretended to be surprised, trying to fix my features into an honored and awed expression. Even I knew my acting skills were awful at the moment because I'd been caught off guard.

But my crazed aunt seemed to buy it, so I was home free to fix my features in a calm manner just before the Dark Lord swept into the room, followed by Fenrir Greyback.

Immediately, Bellatrix, Mum, and Draco swept into deep bows, and I was quick to follow their example, bending at the waist and showing the evil bald guy the top of my head.

There was a moment of silence, where we all remained as still as mice as the Dark Lord walked among us.

"Rise, my friends." He rasped, his voice sending shivers down my spine as I remembered how that voice has killed hundreds of wizards and Muggles alike.

We all stood carefully, watching the Dark Lord warily as he walked around me in some sort of inspection.

"It is so good to see you again, Darcy." Lord Voldemort breathed, coming back around and standing in front of me, his sunken eyes boring into mine as he held his wand lazily by his fingertips.

I forced myself to stay relaxed, even as I felt his presence trying to break through the barriers around my mind. "I am honored, my lord."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mum let out a small breath of relief, and I saw Draco's eyes darting around the room in a way that can be described with only one word: fear.

I pushed down my own fear and worry and focused on the incredibly dangerous wizard standing in front of me as he began to speak again.

" are close to the Potter boy, are you not?" Lord Voldemort looked down at me appraisingly and I knew that this was a test.

Careful, Darcy. One wrong word, one wrong breath and you will be dead.

I kept my face impassive. "My lord, the Potter boy believes that I am friends with him, that is indeed correct. He is foolish enough to trust anyone who comes along, such as myself."

The Dark Lord smiled triumphantly, and when I felt his presence stop trying to break down the barriers around my mind, I knew that I had passed the test.

"Darcy, you will be assisting your brother with his plan-" Huh? What plan is he going on about? "-but on another level that I know you will excel in." Voldemort gazed down at me, and I knew that it would be unwise to fidget or look away.

"You, Darcy Malfoy, will make sure that you make Potter believe that you are even closer to him. Do this, and you will be rewarded, for by the end of the year, Draco's plan will be well taken care of, and then I will come and find you and finish off Potter." Voldemort started chuckling, and then he started full-out laughing, his crazed voice echoing off of the walls of the room.

Merlin, how am I in this position? What was wrong with my parents to get with this absolute lunatic?

After a few moments, the Dark Lord calmed down and then we heard the screeching of the curtains being swept shut by Greyback.

We all turned to face him, and he had a feral grin on his face. "My lord, the Potter boy and a few of his friends are outside on the roof, and they were trying to get close enough to see us. Shall I take them in?"

Voldemort's face displayed his conflicting emotions: either he took Potter now and got a chance to kill him, or he lets Harry go so that he can follow through with whatever plan he has and risk never getting to kill him again.

If it wasn't the most awful situation imaginable, I might have almost felt sorry for the Dark Lord.


"No, Fenrir. Your rage is...admirable, but we will allow Draco's and Darcy's plans to unfold on their own." Voldemort curled his lip at Greyback, who hung his head so that we couldn't see him gnashing his teeth in anger. "However, we cannot allow Potter and his friends to remain outside throughout our meeting." He thought for a minute and then turned to me with a dangerous smile on his face. "Darcy, now is the time to put your plan into action. Leave us and lead Potter and his friends away from this place, distract them. Your mother and brother will come and get you when we are finished here."

I looked from the Dark Lord to Mum to Draco and back to Voldemort.

He also wants me gone for whatever they're about to do...and Draco still looks scared as hell. I took a deep breath before bowing quickly. "Of course, my lord. It is as good as done."


I stepped out of the dark building and crept up the alleyway, heading in the direction where Harry, Ron, Hermione and Gwen were probably still sitting, knowing how inquisitive and stubborn they were.

My heart was still clamoring in my chest. As I had walked out of the house by myself, I had seen a room full of Death Eaters, the worst of them all: the Carrow siblings, Dolohov, Crabbe, Goyle, my uncle Rodolphus, Rookwood, and...Scabior.

That guy has always given me the creeps, and he tends to come over to my house a lot, I think just to piss my father off because he's filthy.

But I had no bloody clue why they were there. I still had no clue what Draco's plan was or what Voldemort wanted him there for. All I knew was that Mum and Draco were in there with all of them.

And there was nothing I could do to save them if it came to that.

I shook myself then. Darcy, get it together. You're about to be near your friends. You need to act normal and not like the bloody worrywart you're acting like right now.

Yes, they are my friends. I hate myself for lying to them, for never being able to tell them the truth about me, but it's the only way that I can keep them alive.

I could see Ron, Harry, Hermione and Gwen up ahead, standing in a tight circle, looking like they're whispering to each other fiercely.

I grinned and crept up behind Gwen and Hermione, tiptoeing very quietly until I was right behind them.

Then I leaped forward, tossing my arms around both of their shoulders and making them shriek in surprise.

Immediately, I was laughing uproariously, as were Harry and Ron, who started laughing as soon as they saw that it was me.

"Damn it, Darcy!" Gwen slapped me lightly on the arm, even as she grinned. "Why do you always do that to us?"

I couldn't do anything but continue to laugh, leaning my head on Hermione's shoulder.

Hermione rolled her eyes at me and lifted my head off of her. "Where did you come from, anyway?"

I finally calmed down, wiping tears of laughter from my eyes. "Oh, you know, around."

The four of my friends exchanged looks and I tensed.

Harry sighed. "Darcy, we saw you in that building where Greyback was. And where's your mum and brother?"

I forced a grin. "You know my family. Draco can't get his robes at Madame Malkin's because of the "riff-raff" they serve there." I said sarcastically, making quotes in the air.

We all stood there awkwardly for a minute, and I could tell my friends weren't convinced. I played with my necklace hanging around my neck absentmindedly. Merlin, why do I have to do this?

I cleared my throat. "Bloody hell, but I'm starved. Florean Fortescue's, anyone?"


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