A Hobbit and A Dwarf

A Hobbit and A Dwarf

Introduction is in the first chapter, because it had too many characters for this box.

Chapter 1

Unexpected Guests at Bag End

Meadow Baggins is younger sister of Bilbo Baggins, but she's spent her whole life living with her mother's side of the family, the Took's. On a warm, sunny, Wednesday, she decides to go visit her brother, as she hasn't done so in a long time. But on this warm, sunny, Wednesday, she finds something odd at Bag End: Dwarves have arrived! Dwarves haven't been seen in the Shire in many, many years, and Meadow finds herself quite intrigued with them, especially the youngest of them, Kili.
Meadow decides to go with the Dwarves and Bilbo to the Lonely Mountain, but she faces difficulties along the way. Such as how she finds herself falling for Kili. And Thorin seems to detest her, and doesn't even want her on this journey with them. Gandalf is acting weird. And then...out of nowhere, a sort of marking has appeared on the back of Meadow's right hand. And above it all, she just can't shake the constant feeling that things might end badly after all, and the Dwarves might not get their gold back.

I hummed quietly to myself as I walked along the main road of Hobbiton, heading towards my brother Biblo's house at Bag End. We hadn't seen each other in quite a while, in fact, it had been over a year, so I was going to surprise him and stop by for teatime.
As I drew near to Bilbo's hobbit-hole, I heard a noise coming from inside. It sounded as if he was having a party with many people. Maybe today had been the wrong day to surprise him. Then again, if he was having a party, surely he could make room for his little sister.
I slowly walked up to his door and rang the bell, waiting politely.
"I thought you said there wasn't going to be anymore!" Bilbo's voice came floating through the walls to me, sounding highly annoyed. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, after all.
The door opened swiftly to show me Bilbo standing in his doorway at first with a frustrated expression, then shock.
"Meadow. What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to come by and surprise you, since it's been so long since we've seen each other last. Is this a bad time?"
Bilbo was about to say something when a dwarf with dark hair appeared in the hall. "More company, Bilbo? Well, the more the merrier, I say. Come on in! I'm Kili, by the way."
I glanced at Bilbo, giving him a questioning look, wondering why in Shire he had a dwarf in his home. Nonetheless, I stepped inside, following Kili into the dining room where I found...more dwarves. Twelve more dwarves. And Gandalf.
"What is going on?" I whispered.
Gandalf looked up. "Oh, Meadow, it's so nice to see you. It's been quite some time since you've been to visit your brother, hasn't it? Come, sit down and join us! There's an empty seat right there in between Fili and Kili."
I looked over to where Kili and who I assumed must be Fili were sitting waving for me to come join them.
"Meadow," Kili said, "This is my brother, Fili. We are the nephews of Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thrain, son of Thror King under the Mountain."
"He's quite majestic." Fili muttered to me.
I smiled. "I'm Meadow."
"Oh, we already knew that. It was quite obvious when Gandalf said your name." Kili said.
"Right." I said, blushing. "So, can I ask the reason for the gathering of so many dwarves here in Hobbiton?"
"Oh! We're going on a journey!" Fili answered.
"A journey?"
"Yes. A journey." I looked to the end of the table to see an old dwarf who didn't exactly look quite as happy as the rest of the dwarves.
"That's Thorin." Kili whispered to me.
"We're going on a journey to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim the gold that Smaug the dragon took from us!"
"Dragon?" Bilbo asked. "You never said anything about a dragon."
"You didn't let us get around to it." Thorin answered.
"Um, since I just got here, would it be okay to rewind a little bit and fill me in?" I spoke up.
"No. There's no need, as you won't be accompanying us." Thorin said.
"And I suppose Bilbo will be?"
"Of course. He's our burglar."
I snorted. "Burglar!" I had always had more Took in me than Bilbo did, which was why I lived with my mother's side of the family in the first place, and the thought of plain old Bilbo being a burglar was the most absurd thing I'd heard all day.
"For the last time, if I say that Bilbo is to be a burglar, than a burglar he is!" Gandalf cried, standing up.
"Really, I wouldn't mind not being a burglar." Bilbo said, cautiously.
"If Bilbo gets to go, I want to go too!" I cried, standing up. Adventures had always sounded fun to me, and I wasn't about to pass up this chance to go on one.
"No!" Bilbo and Thorin said at the same time.
But then Gandalf spoke up. "I think it's a wonderful idea for Meadow to go with you to the Lonely Mountain."
"But Gandalf!" Thorin cried, "We only need fourteen! We do not by any means, need fifteen. The number was to be fourteen, not fifteen."
"But if I say that the number should be fifteen, than it shall be, or you will not be taking either of them, and you can just have thirteen members and have all the bad luck you like!"
Thorin glared at me, but he didn't protest any more.
"Um, before we begin anything, here, I think we should clear the table, now." Bilbo spoke up.
"Yes, yes, of course it should be cleared. We can't very well discuss adventures with a dirty table, now can we?" Gandalf said.
Apparently, I had gotten here a little too late and it didn't appear that I would be getting any food.
As the dwarves got up to clear the table, except Thorin of course, he was much too important to do anything of the sort, Bilbo begged them to be careful with the dishes and they began to sing. They sung about blunting the knives and breaking the plates and many other horrid things of the sort, and I couldn't help but stifle a smile, especially when Kili and Fili spun me around in a circle as they carried stacks of plates piled to the ceiling in one hand.
In the end, thank goodness, they didn't break anything, and in fact, everything was better cleaned and organized than it would be if Bilbo had cleaned up the mess himself. When all was finished, we found Gandalf and Thorin in the living room, blowing smoke rings from their pipes. Thorin would blow one up into the air, and Gandalf's would follow Thorin's until it caught up with his, joining together to make one smoke ring. We watched this go on for a while, before finally Gandalf announced that we should start discussing things, and it was getting quite dark outside by then.
"I think now," he said, "we should start from the beginning. For Bilbo was not told anything in full yet, and Meadow has been told nothing at all. Although, I'm hardly surprised at her willingness to go, given her mother's side of family, that Biblo obviously didn't get enough of, but I'm sure that he shall find that part of him soon enough. Nevertheless, I think that it will be good for both of them to go, rather than just Bilbo as I had originally planned. In fact, I originally wanted Meadow, but I wasn't sure where to find her, for all I knew, she was off somewhere in Bree, so I decided to just settle for Bilbo but alas! now I have both of them, and that is all the better."
"Yes, but what exactly is to be the purpose of Meadow?" Thorin grumbled. "If Bilbo is our burglar, than what is she to us? What service could this girl possibly bring us?"
"Why, she's a fighter, of course. And I believe, if I remember correctly, that she knows quite a bit about the outside world from the Shire and can be quite useful in preventing some of you from eating poisonous berries and such things like that, when I'm not around."
"When you're not around? You mean you won't be with us the whole journey?" Bilbo asked.
"No, no. I still have other matters to tend to, though I will go with you for some way. But I will give you warning before I go, and not just head off into the blue, like I usually do."
"So...You said there was more behind this journey?" I asked.
"No. We're journeying to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim our treasure from the great dragon, Smaug. That's all you need to know. You and Bilbo will each get one fifteenth of the treasure." Thorin said.
"Is that all there is to it then?" I asked.
Thorin nodded. "Show them the contract now."
Two of the dwarves pulled out a long piece of paper and took it to Bilbo and I went to read it with him.
"Any injuries acquired on this journey shall not be accounted for by Thorin and Company, but you, dear reader, for choosing to come with us in the first place, you brave soul. Injuries include disinigration..." Bilbo muttered. "Dicinigration?"
"Yes, of course. Dragons breathe fire." Gandalf said.
And at that, Bilbo simply fell to the floor, shaking and muttering from fright. I had a bad feeling that he might not get very far on this journey.

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