I believe I owe you all an apolagie.

Chapter 1

For you that read my stupid "Homosexuals" storie.

I had no right to write a storie as that. It was uncalled for and stupid. I ask that you forgive me. That is your choice. I didnt mean to offend anyone, but that is what happens when you stay up till 10:43 lol. I, by no means am homophobic. I dont agree with is and that is all. I realize this doesnt apply directly to some people, it applied to their friends. You had every right to be mad. All of you. I just cant believe i actually posted that... I regret that more than anything now and it is just pathetic. Yes, all of your angry comments were correct. Sometimes i get ahead of myself. I would especially like to apolagize to Alex, and wolfpoem, and everyone else who i offended. Have a blessed day! Please forgive me.


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