The MJ Trilogy~Behind the Chapters

The MJ Trilogy is a behind the chapters look from the three stories and the background history on the series came to be.
A Fan's Dream Michael Jackson tribute/interview
Moonwalker~A Michael Jackson fanfic
World Tour: Michael Jackson Tribute.

Chapter 1

The MJ Trilogy~Complete Information/background story

The MJ Trilogy is a Michael Jackson fanfiction series written by Venice_Solace21. The entire series takes place in the early to mid 2000's.
-A Fan's Dream Michael Jackson time period was set in 2004.
-Moonwalker~A Michael Jackson Fanfic time period was set in 2005.
-World Tour: Michael Jackson Tribute time period was set in 2006.

The series is based around the protagonist Regina Brendan, a Michael Jackson fan that wins a day with Michael Jackson from a radio contest. Regina is soon joined by her two best friends Felicia Monroe and Lisa a.k.a "Lizzy" Hovman. The first two stories (A fan's dream and Moonwalker) focuses on the three now four protagonists (Annie Wilson) as they overcome obstacles from New York to California in order to save Michael from Lydia Monroe, Felicia Monroe's "lovesick" older sister who is the main antagonist in the series, she does everything in her power to be with Michael by any means necessary with the help of her counterparts. The series also focuses on Lydia Monroe since she is the main villain that places obstacles in the protagonists way, she has been arrested and placed on house arrest in the last two stories.

As the series came to a close with the last story (World Tour: Michael Jackson Tribute) The girls performed as back-up singers and dancers alongside Michael Jackson on the Dream Tour (a tour based on Michael Jackson's Dangerous tour in Bucharest, Romainia)

The name of the tour was originally going to be the Dangerous Tour but the name was changed due to copyright reasons and the time period of the story. As the girls went on tour they dodged the paparazzi and rabid fans, and two tabloid junkies Tom Richie and Angelique Morris. In the story the girls appeared to adequated singers, even though it was not shown that they had vocal training-which was a deleted chapter.

In World Tour while the girls are on tour with Michael Jackson, Lydia is released from jail and placed on eight months house arrest which was shortened to three months due to her "good behavior" reports. As it turns out the good behavior routine was only a ruse to get her sentence shortened which worked. As Lydia was on house arrest still "lovesick" now "obsessed" she find out about Michael's whereabouts when a commercial about the Dream Tour was announced. Lydia finds out more about the tour and plots to her way to Europe where the tour took place. Lydia calls up an old friend (Nathalie Andrews) and makes her an ally in her mission. Nathalie has no say whatsoever throughout the mission, she's portrayed as Lydia's pawn that helps her gets tickets to the tour and helps her gets off her house arrest.

As Lydia and Nathalie are in Europe they encounter a young women about Lydia's age seems to know about Lydia. The young woman who encountered Lydia was Diana Gregory a.k.a "Dirty Diana" who had a similar experience to Lydia with Michael as well. The two quickly connected and Diana took Lydia under her wing and tagged along with her on the mission to the tour.

Diana and Lydia have made several appearances to a few of the concerts where Michael was perfoming, They even spoke to Michael backstage after a concert, It was the first time Lydia saw Felicia (her sister) after she was arrested.

As the Dream Tour came to a close with the final show in Bucharest, Romainia. After the Dream Tour there was an after-party back in New York at an upstate penthouse. Lydia found out after sneaking on the balcony inside of the concert stadium in disguise. After hearing about their next location, Lydia heads back to Diana's hotel room and tells her and Nathalie. She then tells Nathalie to get them planes tickets back to New York after the last show in Bucharest, in which Nathalie unwillingly does.

During the trip to Europe, Nathalie begins to feel guilty about everything she did to get Lydia here, but she knows she can't do anything about it until the end of the mission out of fear of both Diana and Lydia. Nathalie is the only antagonist turned on Lydia in the entire series.

After the last show in Bucharest, Michael and the girls travel back to New York for the after party. Lydia, Diana, and Nathalie arrive to the after party as well and starts looking for Michael. In a leap of faith, Nathalie notices Felicia and informs her on how Lydia is at the party with her dangerous counterpart, Diana. With that Felicia alerts Regina, Annie, and Lizzy to be on the lookout for Lydia and Diana. Out of anger Felicia finds Lydia and drags her away from the party an into the bathroom along with Nathalie who helped her.

Cornered by her sister and ex-counterpart, Lydia pulls out a pistol and holds both Felicia and Nathalie at gunpoint threatning them. She holds them close to her with the gun pointed in their backs as they exited the bathroom. Meanwhile in the midst of the party Regina and Annie stand guard around Michael, as Lizzy found Diana and attacked her. As Regina and Annie started to go towards Lizzy's direction, Felicia called out to Regina who dodged bullets from both Lydia and Diana who has taken Annie as hostage. Lizzy tried to Annie by alerting the security guards who eventually got Diana out of the building.

Lydia becomes distracted by this while still holding Felicia and Nathalie at gunpoint. Regina makes a move and grabs a champagne bottle and smashes it over Lydia's head, in result releasing Felicia and Nathalie. After the fight the girls reunited alongside each other as the police was called by several party-goers. Lydia who regains composure is shown to have gotten back her pistol as she shakingly stood up holding them all at gunpoint.

Battered and bloody Lydia taunts the girls before proceeding to shoot them with on-lookers including Michael looking at the whole scene. As she had her hand on the trigger, the sound of gunshot went off but it wasn't Lydia's gun. A deep red blood shot grew bigger on Lydia's stomach as she realized that she was shot. Lydia falls to the ground hunched over in pain, she looks up at Regina, Annie, Lizzy, Felicia, and Michael and says the words "Miss Me?" before falling over. Nathalie Andrews was the one that shot Lydia.

After the confrontation Diana and Nathalie were arrested on different charges, and Lydia was airlifted to the hospital and later arrested for violating the courts orders. In the ending scene of World Tour: Michael Jackson Tribute, the girls (Regina, Annie, Felicia, Lizzy) are seen waving at Michael as they traveled back home, this event ended the series.

The MJ Trilogy Timeline (dates created)
A Fan's Dream Michael Jackson tribute/interviewed debut in 2012.
Moonwalker~A Michael Jackson Fanfic debut in mid 2012.
World Tour: Michael Jackson Tribute: debut in late 2012 and finished in 2013

The MJ Tetralogy~ Special announcement debut
After World Tour: Michael Jackson Tribute the MJ Trilogy ended. But now I might add another story to the series, making it the MJ Tetralogy (tetralogy meaning a series containing four books) The new and upcoming story will makes it debut until further notice.


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