Honestly, I'm a Liar. (A Divergent Fan-Fiction)

So this is my Divergent Fan-Fiction. Yeah. Read on, darlings.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

There was a table sitting in front of me. A knife and a piece of a cheese laid on top of it. A booming woman's voice yelled, 'Choose!' In a panic I grabbed the knife. What's a piece of cheese going to do?

Suddenly, a dog appeared in front of me, the table disappearing. I realized why the cheese would come in handy. Until I saw the dog snarling and growing. It's hairs stuck up on its back and it barked menacingly. I froze, might as well wait for the dog to make the first move. I wasn't exactly looking forward to stabbing the dog. Maybe it would stop snarling.

A little girl appeared behind the dog. Te dog turned and growled at the little girl, charging. I raced after the dog and stabbed it. It yelped and dissolved. The scenery changed again.

I was standing on a bus. It bounced along the road and a man sat across from me. He was badly burnt and was holding a newspaper. On the front page was a man I was sure I'd seen somewhere. 'Do you know this man?' The man yelled in my face. Something in my gut screamed at my brain, bad idea! Bad idea! 'No,' I lied. 'Please! He insisted, 'You could save me!' I shook my head. 'Never seen him in my life.'

I snapped awake, sweat beaded my forehead and I could feel my body shaking.

"How are you feeling?" The Abnegation woman asked politely.

"Fine. What are the results?" I said impatiently. I had swung my legs over the side of the dentist chair and looked at her. My knee bobbed up and down on the floor.

"Dauntless," she said. "Congratulations." She stood and opened the door for me. "Have a nice day," she said.

"You too," I said back. I quickened my pace down the hall. I felt relieved. I wasn't a true Candor. I was Dauntless. Brave. Strong. Unafraid. I never really saw myself as that. I'd never really seen myself as anything. For once in my life I felt as if I actually fit in.

Of course now I'd have to go home and feel completely alone again. Maybe my parents wouldn't say anything to me at all. That would be the best.

When I finally reached the door to my house, I took a deep breath. This would be the last night I'd ever spend here. I almost missed it. Almost. It would be better once I was gone. Better for me, better for my family. Eventually even Olivia would forget me. Soon she'd grow up and she'd barely be able to remember me, the only thing left of me the necklace around her neck and an empty room across the hall.

I feel my throat tighten and my eyes burn. No, I thought to myself. You're not going to cry, you're happy you're leaving, remember? I shook my head and cleared my throat. Then I finally took my shaky hand and twisted the doorknob.

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