Honestly, I'm a Liar. (A Divergent Fan-Fiction)

So this is my Divergent Fan-Fiction. Yeah. Read on, darlings.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

My mom cooked sausage and pancakes while I sat at the table waiting to be served. The sausage sizzled and popped on the skillet. My dad sat across the table from me. He had the newspaper tilted up at the light and his glasses on the tip of his nose. Occasionally, he would look at me over the glasses.

"Aptitude tests later..." He said, finally breaking the silence.

"Yeah," I shifted around in my chair uncomfortably. Might as well be polite and good while I'm still here.

"Let's not beat around the bush," He sat up and put the paper aside while my mother filled out plates. "We both know you're leaving."

I nodded. My mom slammed the pancakes on my plate and drowned them in syrup.

"I think we both also know that you've done a lot to disappoint us in your sixteen years of life." I nodded again. There was the bluntness I was waiting for. "Tomorrow, however, will be the biggest disappointment yet."

I nodded again. Might as well take it.

"Your mother and I are still deciding whether or not we will come to visit you." He stared me straight in the eye. Neither of us touched our food.

"I won't hold my breath," I finally said. "I suppose I should spend the last day of being a Candor like a Candor. You want the truth? I don't care. I know I disappoint you, and the only person in this family I'll miss is Olivia. I'll miss you a bit mom, but you dad? No, I'll never miss you. I'll celebrate when I'm away from you. Goodbye," I stood and pushed away my pancakes.

When I hit the hallway the tears finally flowed. I opened my door and shut it quietly. No need to give them the satisfaction of slamming my door and letting them know I'm angry.

I didn't cry for long. I quickly pulled myself together and walked up to my closet. I fumbled around on the shelf at the top for a moment until I found it.

The chain filled my hand and I pulled it down. A gold chain and a gold heart pendant. I can still remember the day I got it.

'Don't lose it, baby girl' Grannie had said. She always called me 'baby girl'. Even though I was thirteen at the time, I was still her baby.

'I won't, Grannie,' I promised her. Her shaky wrinkled hand passed it over to me. I can still remember when the tears fell from my eyes and wet her blanket.

'Oh, baby girl, don't you worry'. I'll be safe in heaven'. She said while beckoning my head down to her lips. She kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear. 'I love you, Alexis.' Those were the last words she ever spoke. The first time she ever called me by my name.

I never wore the necklace. I wanted it to be safe. I hid it safe up in my closet. Until now.

I walked across the hallway and into Olivia's room. "Livy, come over here."

I sat down on her bed and patted my hand onto my lap so she would sit. She skipped over to where I was sitting and plopped down on my lap.

"What, Sissy?" She wore a toothy grin. There was a big gap between her front two, one that I had too when I was her age.

"Listen, just in case I don't stay, I want you to have this." I dropped the pendant into her hand and she poked at it.

"It's pretty!" She put it straight over her little head. She stood and the heart went down to her belly button. "I can wear it when we play dress up!" I felt a pang in my chest.

"Why don't we play before I have to get my test." I said with my voice cracking. Might as well spend the rest of my time here with the one person I care about.

We played for what seemed like hours. 'Try this, Lexi!' and 'Try that, Lexi!' Olivia would say. I tried on dress after dress. She kept on one that she always wore. It was her favorite one. A dress that was just barely too small on me and far too big on her. It's neckline was gem clad and swooped far below her little collarbone. It was white and long, so long that it trailed far behind her feet. She called it 'her' princess dress. I planned on leaving it in her closet before I left.

"Eh-hem," My mother said standing in the doorway. She looked older than she really was and worn out. Frail almost. "It's time to leave for the test, Alexis." She shifted from foot to foot awkwardly.

"Fine." I said shortly. I turned to Olivia who had tears forming in her eyes. I squatted down and hugged her a bit too tight."Listen, Livy. I love you, okay? Remember my promise. It's no one's fault if I leave." I kissed her cheek and walked out of the door.

I walked quickly down the hallway and past the living room my father was sitting in. I wanted out and fast. No need for words. No need for insults. The biggest blow I'd ever deliver would be tomorrow. No words needed for that, it would be delivered when I silt my hand and poured the blood on another faction's bowl.

I walked alone on the way to the aptitude test. No friends to walk with. I was a disgrace, even among the kids and teens in Candor. I could only imagine what their parents told them.

Once I reached the building the test would be administered at, the nerves hit. My stomach dropped and my breathing got heavy. I could feel my pulse pounding in my head. Bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum. I tried to focus my breathing. Walking in looking like a nervous loon wouldn't exactly help my rep.

I took a breath and walked in. Tables were placed around the room and I awkwardly walked around until I could find an empty one. No such luck. I finally settled on sitting next to a boy who was in conversation with his friend. To engrossed to notice anyone sitting next to him, I slid in.

I faced his back and casually glanced over, scratching the back of my head and faking a yawn. He had dark skin and dark hair. He looked Middle-Eastern or Indian. Behind his ear, I could see a tattoo of a snake that seemed to curl around his earlobe. Probably a Dauntless. He talked with his hands and made big wild gestures. Eventually, the girl he was talking to looked over at me. We shared a look and I quickly averted my gaze off into the space in front of me. Too late.

"Hey," she said pushing the boy back into his seat. "I'm Marlene. Dauntless born. You?" She was very spunky. A big smile was plastered on her face and she lit up the table it seemed.

"Alexis, I'm from Candor. I won't be tomorrow though," I replied. The boy laughed a bit.

"Where you headed?" The boy asked.

"Anywhere but back there," I said simply.

"Well, everyone knows the best faction is Dauntless," he replied. "I'm Uriah."

I consider it for a moment, but before I could speak again-

"Alexis Oliver," An Abnegation woman said. I stood and took a deep breath, nodded back at Uriah and Marlene, and walked back to where the woman was standing.

She was dressed like a standard Abnegation woman. She was an older woman with grey streaks in her knotted hair. She wore grey clothes as usual, and a watch on her right hand.

"Right this way, ma'am," she said to me with her hand pointing the way to the room I'd take my test in. I walked through the open door and looked around the small room. The walls had mirrors all around them and there was a single chair in the middle. Immediately, my heart began to race. It reminded me of the dentist. I'd always hated the dentist.

"Take a seat," the woman said to me. I walked stiffly up to the chair, and tried to relax myself into it. No such luck. I was stiff, my heart was pounding, and I wiped my sweaty palms on my dress. "Sit still, dear. It'll be over soon." She walked over to a desk next to the dentist chair and pulled electrodes over to my face. She attached them to my head, which did not help my anxiety and nerves.

The woman sighed and rubbed her tired eyes. "Drink this," she passed a cup into my hands and downed it in one big gulp.

Realty began to fade, the world spun and everything went black.

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