Mend Your Broken Heart (Zayn Malik Story)

Love at first sight... makes you think along the lines of fairy tales. Can it happen? Can one simply see the individual and fall hopelessly?


But with the other be there to catch you?

Chapter 1

A Newbie

I walk into Ral's Bakery, my best friend Victoria at my side. We both work here to pay the rent for an apartment we share. The bell on the door rings as I open the door, and Victoria turns the sign around so that it says 'Come in! We're open!'.

"Good morning, 'Kye. Vic." Bart, a 55 year old man who technically owns Ral's Bakery since Ral is almost never around. Victoria and I grin.

"Hey Bart, how's it going?" I ask politely.

"Great." He smiles at me. "Vic, I'm gonna need you to start baking right away because we have a massive order coming in. A guy called asking for a triple tier cake. The full request is on the counter in the kitchen."

Victoria nods, and lifts the counter before walking into the back room to start.

"'Kye, can you take orders when people start to come? Katherine called saying she was going to be a bit late."

I nod and duck under the counter and stand behind it, waiting for costumers. The bell on the door rings, and the first person of the day shuffles in and walks up to me. He looks really tired, and his dark brown eyes look up to the menu hanging above me.

"Hi." He says quietly.

"Hello!" I reply cheerily. "What would you like today?"

He smiles at me, those brown eyes warming. "Can I get a chocolate cream danish, and an earl grey tea?"

"Sure." I smile. The boy grins back and goes over to a small booth, my eyes following him. Bart coughs.

"You'd better get that order instead of staring at the costumer."

I blush beet red, and turn around to get the danish and put it in a small paper bag. I set it on the back counter before grabbing a cup and putting an earl grey tea bag. I prepare the tea, then put it and the pastry on a small tray and carrying it over to the booth where the guy is sitting. He's taken his hood off to reveal some funky hair. I kind of like it. It's black and styled in a quiff.

"Here ya go." I set the tray in his table and he jumps, apparently to consumed in thought to have noticed my presence.

"Thanks." He says in embarrassment.

"Nice hair." I chuckle, before turning around to go back to the cash.

"Yours isn't so bad either." The guy jokes, making me stop and turn around. "But thanks."

I smirk. "I'm Skye."

"I'm Zayn." He mimics me, grinning cheekily. I roll my eyes as the door rings. I go back to the cash before noticing who it is.

"Jake." I say softly. He's right there, only the counter separating us. He leans down for a quick peck then smiles playfully.

"Can I get my usual?"

I roll my eyes at him. "Whatchu think I'm gonna get you doofus? The opposite?" I huff affectionately. He chuckles.

"Thanks bebe."

I turn around and start the coffee maker and reach down to grab a banana-strawberry muffin.


I stop at the cash and am instantly in awe of the girl standing there. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. I quickly move my eyes up to the hanging menu/chalk board.

"Hi." I say shyly.

"Hello!" The girl says happily as if there's nothing she'd rather be doing than working in a bakery. "What would you like today?"

I smile. "Can I get a chocolate cream danish, and an earl grey tea?" Wait what? I HATE earl grey! First tea that comes to mind. Darn!


I walk over to a small booth in the back corner of the small gourmet bakery, and take off my hood. I instantly start drowning in thoughts when I sit down. I woke up really early this morning and just decided to explore. The lads and I are on a one month vacation, and we decided we rent a house in London instead of separating and going to our families houses. We do still have a few interviews here and there, but this is the closest to a break we've had for a while..

"Here ya go!" Someone says, making me jump in surprise. I look up to see the girl who took my order, placing a tray on the table. I blush deeply.


"Nice hair." The girl comments, turning around and starting to walk away. A part of me doesn't want her to leave.

"Yours isn't so bad either. But thanks." I joke.

"I'm Skye." She giggles, smirking.

"I'm Zayn." I mimic her, grinning, probably like a fool. The door jingles and she gives me one last radiant smile before walking back to the cash, her long black hair rippling in a shining curtain down her back. The guy who just walks in gives her a quick peck on the lips. My chest tightens in jealousy. Wait what? I've hardly spoken a sentence to her! Why am I feeling this?!

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