Upcoming Stories/Quizzes

Upcoming Stories/Quizzes

This is a short announcement on some new quizzes and stories I'll be making.

Chapter 1

New Quizzes and Stories

For my next couple of quizzes/stories I will be steering towards my recent and now finished trilogy of My Michael Jackson Fanfiction Series. There will be more of a behind the scenes/chapters look from the series.

But I have a surprise for all of the readers of the MJ trilogy, there will be a fourth story added to the trilogy. I will soon release all of the details in another announcement and character auditions. So I'm looking forward to that, as well as the readers and I hope you guys will all enjoy it as you did the last three.

New Stories:
-Behind the Chapters: The MJ Trilogy
-Aftermath- (MJ trilogy based)
-Special Announcement

Side Note: My Michael Jackson Fanfiction series (is what I've been calling the series) will now be called the MJ Trilogy, but the name will soon change after the special announcement.

The MJ Trilogy
~A Fan's Dream Michael Jackson tribute/interview (2012)
~Moonwalker- A Michael Jackson Fanfic (2012)
~ World Tour: Michael Jackson Tribute (2012-2013)
~Coming Soon~
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