25 of my many imperfections

it's in the title. 25 of the many, many reasons why i am imperfect

Chapter 1

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1. i push people away, and dont let many people get close to me. even people who are close don;t know everything.

2. I am fake, and make it seem like everything is okay

3. i lie and tell everyone i know that im good, and happy and don;t need anything different

4. i have no confidence at all, there is quite literaly none there

5. i don't follow through on things, even promises i make myself

6. i have unrealistic dreams

7. i am hideous

8. i yell, and am really loud

9. i am selfish

10. i can't handle my own emotions

11. i freak out when it comes to commitment

12. i'm never good enough

13. i have anger problems

14. i don't believe in anyone loving me

15. i sing too much, all the time

16. i am stubborn

17. i seek attention

18. i talk a lot

19. i come off as preppy, and sometimes stereotype other people

20. i still watch the disney princess movies, the originals

21. i am clumsy

22. i am forgetful

23. i am not skinny

24. im not supposed to have a quibblo

25. i have a D in biology :( ( in my family that is like failing every class)


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