25 reasons that I am no better than you

Chapter 1

Lets begin

1. I am probably the skinniest person you have ever seen 110lb

2. I am not strong at all

3. I am annoying

4. I still play with my transformers toys...

5. I say too many stupid things

6. I am insecure in so many areas

7. I try too hard to fit in

8. I waste lots of mony on transformers

9. When i get mad, i tend to yell

10. I tnd 2 tlk lke ths wen i txt

11. I judge sometimes...

12. I tend to be lazy

13. I can be a bit irresponsible

14. I dont agree with alot of the things you guys post on here

15. I get irritated easily at attention seekers and have little patience with them

16. I like my food dry...

17. Tell me what this is called( i cried when a guy beat up another guy for snitchin)

18. I am always stressing over my grades

19. Im not sure what #17 was lol

20. If i was lookin for a GF, looks do matter to me... Not only but they do matter

21. I tend to irritate snobby kids( ex. JB)

22. If i wanted to beat the livin scrap outa someone, i couldnt...

23. I tend to say more than i need to

24. I am not athletic, or not as athletic as i wish i was

25. Yes... I sometimes refer to people in band, as band geeks...
Even though i am no better.

And now i speak to these problems, In the name of Jesus, and i command them to cease! All things have been made new! I am whole! In the mame of Jesus!


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