Anything Can Helping In The WWE

Written by Mike_The_Miz_Fan & I

Chapter 1


Name: Danielle James
Nickname: Dani
Age: 24
Birthday: July 4th 1989
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 115 lbs
Best frirnd(s): John Cena, A.J. Lee/April Mendez, Stephanie Mcmahon Levesque, Paul Levesque/Thriple H & the Bella Twins
Love Interest: Shane Mcmahon
Family: Mickie James' little sister
Past Lover(s)/boyfriend(s): Randy Orton, Mike "the Miz" Mizanin & Cody Rhodes
Crush: Josh Matthews
Job: Corporate Diva/Board Member
Martial Status: Engaged
Pet: kitten named Dream
Trainer(s)/Mentor(s): Trish Stratus & Sherri Martel/Sensational Sherri
Finishing move: Back flip into a spinning kick to the side or back of the head.
Signature Move: Thriple back flip
Manager(s): Mickie James, Shane Mcmahon, Thriple H, The Bella Twins, A.J. Lee & John Cena.
Nicknames: Honey or Angel (Shane) & Psyco B"itc"h (adopted from Jim Ross but used by almost all of the WWE superstars & Fellow diva's.)
Entrance music: My Dark Side by Kelly Carlson
Championships: WWF/WWE Woman's champion (7th going for her 8th time)
Babe of the Year: 2004-2008 but hopes to win it again
Children From Previous Relationship(s): Tyler Runnels (her & Cody's son born December 2008, one month before Danielle & Cody broke up) & James Orton (Danielle & Randy's son born January 2007, a couple of weeks before Danielle ended her & Randy's relationship out of fear Randy's on screen persona would start to influence his off screen self.)
Other children: Morgan Mcmahon (Danielle & Shane's 3 year old daughter that was born in January 2010 right after Shane's resignation from the WWE went into effect).
Wedding date set for: February 14th 2014

Name: Annabell Marie Calaway
Nickname:Annie, Anna, and sometimes Princess of Darkness because of her father.
Birthday:October 13 1981
Best Friend(s):Danielle James, Cody Runnels(Rhodes), Celeste Bonin(Kaitlyn), Layla El, Michelle McCool, Brayn Danielson(Daniel Bryan), Adam Copeland, Glenn Jacobs(Kane)
Friend(s):Paul Levesque(Triple H), Michael Hickenbottom(Shawn Michaels/HBK)
Love Intrest:Adam Copeland(Edge)
Family:Mark Calaway(Undertaker)'s daughter and Michelle McCool's step-daughter
Past Lover(s):Christopher Irvine(Chris Jericho)
Crush:Adam Copeland(Edge)
Job-WWE Diva and trying to work her way up to be GM
Marital Status:Divorced
Pet(s):Military Macaw named Foxy and King Cobra named King
Trainer(s)/Mentor(s):Bret Hart/Mark Calaway
Finishing Move:Moonsault
Signature Move:'Kiss of Death' Wheelbarrow kick to the side of the skull after 'kissing' opponent
Manager(s):Undertaker, Kane, Bret Hart, Paul Bearer
Nickname(s):Anna, Princess of Darkness(By lockerroom because of her father.)
Entrance Music:Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides
Championship(s):Diva's 2009, Women's 2000 going back after Diva's
Children From Previous Relationship(s):Rain Irvine(Daughter from marriage with Chris) born December 1 2000 age 13

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