Dusk Til Dawn (Warriors Fanfiction)

This is the re-written version of my Warriors fan fiction :)
Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Clans, Cats, and Territories


Dewstar- short-haired gray she-cat, light blue eyes. 2 lives remaining. Right front paw has a white sock.
Riverstorm- gray tabby tom with four white socks. Dark gray eyes.
Medicine Cat:
Snowpelt- Beautiful white she-cat with strange green blue eyes. cream colored muzzle, socks, and tail tip is black.(Apprentice: Goldpaw) (Picture: http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRwz29LL8ScMlPtL4JqhZc5XJmpPtcUjF52yN1Geo-jKAasiXL1mg )

Windstrike- long haired gray tom, green yellow eyes. White muzzle. (Apprentice: Swiftpaw)
Icetalon- white she-cat with piercing blue eyes.
Nightstripe- black tom with bright green eyes.
Yellowleaf- Yellow tabby she-cat with light blue eyes.
Duskfur- very light gray tabby tom with light yellow eyes.
Dawnpelt- cream colored and gray tabby she-cat with gray eyes. (Apprentice: Sunpaw)
Lightheart- cream colored she-cat, green eyes.
Foxheart- red long-haired tom, yellow eyes.

Sunpaw- engergetic bright yellow tabby she-cat, green eyes.
Swiftpaw- black and white tom, yellow eyes.
Goldpaw- Very pretty yellow tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Hazeflower- Black and white tabby with blue eyes.(Kits: Fogkit, Hailkit)
Rainpelt- gray tabby, blue eyes. (Kits: Pantherkit)

Maplefur- Very grumpy she-cat, white, black, and orange coat with yellow eyes.
Poppyeye- Light gray she-cat
Acornfall- A very confused brown tabby tom, deaf in left ear. light gray eyes.


Ashstar - Long-haired gray tom, 4 lives left. Yellow eyes.
Sparkfoot- ginger tabby tom with black stripes, green eyes.
Medicine Cat:
Eaglefeather- pale ginger tom, blue eyes.

Stormheart- gray tabby tom with gray eyes, white socks and belly. (Apprentice: Frogpaw)
Runningtail- light brown tom with green eyes, Occasional black markings. (Apprentice: Redpaw)
Flowerfur- Very pretty tortoiseshell she-cat, light green eyes. (Apprentice: Sparrowpaw)
Fawnstep- Light gray she-cat, blue eyes. (Apprentice: Lilypaw)
Smudgeface- black and white she-cat with markings around her face that look like permanent smudges.
Adderfang- handsome black tom with bright yellow eyes.

Frogpaw- small brown and black tabby tom, green eyes.
Redpaw- Reddish brown she-cat, yellow eyes.
Sparrowpaw- Brown tabby tom, blue eyes.
Lilypaw- bright yellow tabby she-cat, green eyes.

Robinwing- small reddish-brown she-cat, green eyes.(Kits: Falconkit)
Shadowpelt- black she-cat, yellow eyes. (Kits: Smallkit, Smokekit.)

Burntail- small black tom, only half a tail because of a fire incident years ago,
Willowfur- long, cream colored fur. She-cat with green eyes.


Stripestar- yellow tabby tom with orange stripes. 8 lives remaining.
Featherwhisker- orange tabby she-cat, white socks and belly. Blue eyes.
Medicine Cat:
Echowind- small gray tabby tom, gray eyes. two white socks, both on back paws.
(Apprentice: Juniperpaw)

Thrushpelt- white tom, speckled with brown. Gray eyes. (Apprentice: Graypaw)
Lionclaw- yellow tabby tom, long-haired.
Wolfheart- Long haired gray tom, blue eyes. (Apprentice: Streakpaw)
Ruefur- Light yellow she-cat with misty blue eyes. (Apprentice: Snakepaw)
Pricklepelt- dark gray short-haired tom, sharp gray eyes.
Wrenflight- Brown tabby she-cat, blue eyes. (Apprentice: Mousepaw)
Mesquiteclaw- small cream colored she-cat, green eyes.
Scorchfur- Orange, almost red coat with yellow eyes. (Apprentice: Pebblepaw)

Graypaw- small gray she-cat, blue eyes.
Streakpaw- Orange and white she-cat, blue eyes.
Mousepaw- small brown she-cat, blue eyes.
Snakepaw- black tom, yellow eyes.
Pebblepaw- Gray tom, yellow eyes.

Shinefur- beautiful golden tabby, green eyes. (Kits: Fernkit)

Coyotepelt- massive brown tom with battle scars across his muzzle. Gray eyes.


Heatherstar- black, gray, and white she-cat with fierce gray eyes. 6 lives left.
Cedarstep- a handsome brown tom with green eyes.
Medicine Cat:
Pinefur- brown and white tabby tom, gray eyes.

Ravenflight- glossy black she-cat with blue eyes. (Apprentice: Rockpaw)
Squirreltail- long-haired brown tabby tom with green eyes.(Apprentice: Thornpaw)
Goldenfur- long golden fur, she-cat.
Tanglepath- Black tom with gray eyes.
Badgerclaw- Black and white tom with unusually long claws. Yellow eyes.

Rockpaw- white tom with patches of brown and gray. Blue eyes.
Thornpaw- brown tabby tom with gray eyes.

Clovertail- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. (Kits: Mudkit, Birchkit.)
Mintfur- light gray she-cat with minty green eyes. (Kits: Rosekit)
Leafpelt- beautiful dappled she-cat with blue eyes. (Kits: Cherrykit, Boulderkit, Mosskit)

Sandfur- light tan she-cat, yellow eyes.
Cats outside the Clans

Cats outside the Clans

Franky- sandy colored tom with pale yellow eyes
Jack- gray tabby tom, torn ears, green eyes.
Bella- beautiful white she-cat, blue eyes, silver markings.

Rosie - a plump tortoiseshell she-cat with beautiful green eyes.


The territory consists of a river, a desert, a moor, and a forest.
Going from left to right, there is a forest with a small stream running through it. On the left of that is Twolegplace. The upper half of this forest is Earthclan territory, and the bottom half is Emberclan's. Both parts of the forest curve around a moor, which is located on the right. This moor is the territory if Iceclan. Separating this moor from a desert lies a river, which branches off into the stream that runs into the forest. In the desert lives Lightclan. On the right of Lightclan is another Twolegplace.
To the North of Iceclan territory, Northeast of Earthclan territory and Northwest of Lightclan territory is a huge Sycamore. This is where gatherings are held.
Beyond the West twolegplace (Lightclan side) is the Moonhollow, where Leaders and Medicine cats share wih Starclan.
In order to cross the river (boundary between Lightclan and Iceclan), is a fallen oak.

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