I'll Find The Words To Say.....(One Direction Group Story)

Group Story With : MayaTenor

Friend Requested her, she's AWESOME!!!!

Chapter 1

Jessie: Interview

Jessie: http://www.polyvore.comcgi/collection?id=2428763/

"So, the show is already the most viewed show in history of T.V, but I heard that the guest stars this seasons are going to be of the hook!" Said Mike, the interviewer.

I was in the show MTV, promoting the show I star in, Play The Game. we were going into our third season, and our views are crazy. Since season one the fan base has been amazing! Players or Gamers as our fan base calls themselves, have been nothing but faithful to the show since day one.

"Yes, my brother, Luke will finally make an appearance in the show,"I replied smiling big making the crowd cheer. Luke is the brother of Megan, the character I protray in the show, and he had run away from home because he would always fight with his parents, "And Robert Pattinson will be playing him, he will appear in several episodes. Also, Megan and Charlie, who is played by Josh Hutcherson, didn't leave in such a good place at the end of season two. Nobody, not even them, know is they are together! So Megan tries to make him jealous with some boy from across town who just happen to be in a boy band, a very attractive boy band...who is none other than One Direction!" The whole female population in the room went crazy, making me laugh,"they will also appear in several episodes."

"Wow, anybody else?"asked Mike.

"Yes, Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, Selena Gomez, Brad Pitt...and much more! Believe me we will have everything and I'm really sure everybody is going to love it!"

"Wow, sounds like they've got someone for everybody,"he replid, "Now, why do you think that this show has capture the audience heart and attention."

"Well, I believe that there's something for everybody, you have Megan who is the trouble maker but it's really kind inside, then you have one of her best friends, Jordan who is played by Kristen Stewart, she's like the rebel who prefers to be alone and doesn't take directions, then her other best friend Lucy, played by Demi Lovato, who is the sweetheart of the show, then we have the parents who have to deal with their teenagers, then the boys who have their own problems, there's just something for everybody,"I replied truthfully.

"Nice...now, I wat to clear something that has been circling since season one...is it true that you beg the directors to cast Kristen Stewart and Demi Lovato?"he asked with a chuckle making me remember and laugh.

"Oh, Lord!,"I replied laughing, making the crowd laugh,"Yes that's true! I mean, I read the script and I immediately thought of them! And, not to too my own horn, but I got it right!"

"Yes you did, now sadly that's our time, but every Player or Gamer make sure to tune to MTV or ABC family for the season premire of Play The Game three months from now!"exclaimed Mike.

"Yes, and remember the season premire will be two hours long!"I exclaimed right after waving bye into the camera.

"That's right...now, tune in tomorrow as we would speak to The Wanted, you won't want to miss it!"Mike said his last words.

"And we're off,"said the camera man, making my best friend, Anya stepped on set.

"So, ready to go?"she asked playing with her car keys, yes she drove me here today.

"Yes, as soon as I sign some autographs,"I replied looking over at the fans waiting.

"Don't take long Ms. Superstar,"she replied with a sirk as I started walking towards the fans,"You did great by the way."

"When don't I?"I replied making her lagh.

"Well, hurry up Ms. Cocky because your brothers are visiting today..remember!"

"Oh yeah I forgot,"I replied slapping my forehead."

"And tomorrow you have to to go on set to continue recording,"she added.

"Wow, where would I be without you,"I reply laughing.

Anya and I have been best friends since we were in diapers. When I had to move to New York because of my work I brought her with me, and she brought her brothers, Jason and Toby. They are like my brothers to, even though I have five already. Anya have always been there for me, and I've always been there for her. I can honestly sa I have the best friend in the world.

"Probably buy a date book,"she replied with a smirk.

"Jajaja, very funny...well, I won't be long,"I told her, before returning to my fans.

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