25 Reasons Why I'm Not Perfect (RueandMadge's idea)

My epic friend RueandMadge (Rach) was brave enough to tell the world 25+ reasons why she's not perfect, so I decided if she could do it I could too.
So thxs, Rach for giving me this awesome idea (:

Chapter 1

I'm Not Perfect

by: justEmily
#1.) My skin isn't perfectly clear.
#2.) I'm not the skinniest person in the world
#3.) I have a weird love for Harry Potter
#4.) Sometimes I can be too quiet
#5.) My past has been hard on me and causes me to be too sad sometimes
#6.) Sometimes I complain too much
#7.) I love reading too much
#8.) I'm the biggest nerd I know
#9.) My hair isn't long enough
#10.) Sometimes I don't talk to all of my friends and that's not really nice
#11.) I get myself into trouble when I don't mean too
#12.) I don't have the nicest clothes
#13.) I'm smart but my grades are going down a bit
#14.) I should be more responsible
#15.) I'm kinda a tom boy
#16.) I'm not too good at math
#17.) I'm late too many times
#18.) I'm really good at faking smiles but really bad at giving real ones for the most part
#19.) Sometimes I can be really weird like doing dumb stuff (ex: jumping off of things that are 15 foot high)
#20.) I can't really trust any body with telling them how I feel
#21.) I spend endless hours in bed at night thinking about scenarios that I wish would happen, or things I wish could change
#22.) I care too much sometimes
#23.) I have a weird obsession with lollipops
#24.) I don't eat chicken
#25.) I'm not the best at focusing on boring things


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