As the Seasons Come

I suck at intros. SO for me it's like, GET TO THE STORY ALREADY!!!!! I am impatient. 3....2......1

Chapter 1

Laurel Twist: Autumn

I woke up to the blast of light in my face. " Up and at 'em Laurel! " a singsongy voice sung. My mother, Adalia Twist. The controller of Autumn. Yes, the season. My mother controls the season of Fall. Normally, it's pretty busy. Interns running everywhere, clerks screaming on the phones. But something irregular is happening. Something that only happens once a millennia.

The Seasons are passing off jobs. They pick a succesor based off of smarts, abilities, personalities, and athleticity. So, back to the story at hand. My mother handed me a shirt and jeans, and flounced out. I pulled on the light green shirt with some flats the same color....thinking.

I brushed my long butt-length dark brown hair, lost in thought. When I looked up, it was at my watch to see that I was normal. I rushed downstairs, leaping over the nymphs and dodging the kitchen staff to where a sea of people were gathered around a podium. Seconds later, Mum entered through a portal, as a Grand Enterance. Believe me, it was no piece of cake. Mum protested the whole way, and there were staff behind scenes to make sure she was where she was supposed to be at the appropriate time.

Mum tapped the mic to get everyone's attention. " Good Morning, citizens of Autumn Palace! As you all know, the time has come for me to pass down my job to my successor. But my daughter Laurel doesn't get first pick in this, no! This will be determined by a series of tests. First is smarts, then abilities, then personalities, then athlecitity. No cheating. If you do not make the required points at the end of the test, you are no longer a candidate. I wish you best of luck, and please report back here in a hour. " The room burst into chatter, everyone talking about who they thought would win.

My friend Anthony Welsh sidled up to me, along with my other friend Autumn Leaves. But since so many girls were named " Autumn, " she went by Aurie. "You'll win for sure! " he teased me. I smirked, as Aurie bobbed her head.

We headed off in the direction of the crowd, to breakfast. I ordered my normal- and I kid thee not, they actually have a meal called The Laurel Normal because I've lived here my whole life. So has my sister Raileen, but she's training under Sunshine Spring.

Breakfast was through in a flash, and we followed the crowd back to the Throne Room, as I called it to wait in eager silence. Seconds after the bells tolled nine, nymphs appeared, holding signs over their heads for testing divisions. I left Anthony and Aurie, heading to the nymph with the upside-down sign saying O-Z on it. As I approached, a group of girls snickered at me.

I'm not too popular because I'm Adalia's daughter, and thought of more as "The Autumn Princess " which is my official title. I sat along with the group in stony silence, until a quavering voice called, " Twist, Laurel Delilah. " Heart pounding, I stood up and walked into the testing room.

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