Love And Soccer

Alexandria(A.K.A Alex) falls in love with her best guy friend Tidus,who happens to be the star soccer player of the Lincoln Railsplitters

Chapter 1

Revenge On My Cheating Ex Boyfriend

When I found out that Roxas was cheating on me, I was extremely pissed off! I was so mad that I enlisted my best guy friend Tidus into a clever plan for revenge.
The plan was that I was going to hack into Roxas's Facebook account and put up an embarrassing status update-that part I was going to leave up to Tidus,because I knew Tidus for seventeen years now and I knew he had a killer sense of humor.My job is the hacking part.I'm a computer whiz so this should be a piece of cake. After school we went into my room and turned on my laptop.
I was typing and hacking away like a demon.....
"Okay....a little more.....annnnnnnddddd....BOOM! We're in! Okay Tidus,you're up."
Tidus cracked his knuckles as he said,"All's payback time, Punk! Let's see.....I know he's a womanizing cad,but that's not embarrassing enough-Aha!"
He typed quickly. It read that Roxas just found out that he had a certain disease that I'm not going to say. I cracked up laughing."Tidus you're comedy genius! I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees that! Tidus,you're a riot!"
After we quickly loogged out, we slapped high-fives.
"Alex, you're waaaay too good for that guy!" Tidus said,his ice blue eyes shining with confidence in what he was saying,"Shoot! Any guy would be the luckiest guy in the world to date you! You're cute,smart,sweet.....I'm the luckiest guy in the world just to be your best friend!"
"Shut're embarrassing me!" I laughed as I playfully punched Tidus on his shoulder. That turned into a wrestling match.His slightly tanned skin shone with sweat,and his attractive short blonde hair was disheveled even more than usual. I admit it...I've had a huuuuuuuge crush on him for -no,it's not just a crush....I've loved him for as long as I've known him.
Tidus was sweet,funny,selfless,brave,confident....carefree....
Of course he had a long hatred for his father, but who doesn't have a relative that they really hate?
The next day....
I saw a rumble in the hallway-it was Tidus and Roxas! The two of them were duking it out! "WHO THE F--- DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! HOW DARE YOU TELL HER WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING?!"
"NOBODY.....TREATS....MY BEST FRIEND LIKE THAT!" Tidus growled as he kicked Roxas hard in the groin-Ouch,that has GOT to hurt! Tidus is a soccer player, so I'm positive that that was a very hard kick. Let's put it this way, Tidus kicked Roxas in the groin so hard that Roxas was singing soprano. Roxas tackled Tidus to the ground, but Tidus flipped it around. Everyone gathered around shouting "JERRY!JERRY!JERRY!"
Don't get me wrong,I appreciate the fact that Tidus is willing to get into fights on my behalf-but sometimes I think he's out of his mind! Roxas is the size of a troll and just as mean!
My best friend Naomi watched, and even taped it on her cell phone.Tidus had a couple bruises on his shoulders,but it looks like Roxas got the worst of it with a two shiners! "Ouch! Holy Crap, You really gave him a good beating! Remind me never to get on your bad side Ti," I said.
And so, we got our revenge.....

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