*End Teen Suicide*
I based this poem off of people's general reaction to change. I am comparing the night to those who demean others unlike anyone. I was inspired by my own lifestyle, frankly. I appreciate poetry because it has meaning deeper than you could ever imagine. You can live in the poems that you write.
Some poems that I enjoy are:

Chapter 1


Why live?
Why die?
Why hope?
Why thrive?

Why murder?
Why care?
Why threaten?
Why dare?

Why wish?
Why want?
Why bully?
Why taunt?

Why judge?
Why account
for all the things
we forgot?

Why whisper?
Why tell?
Why trouble?
Why yell?

Why love?
Why live?
Why bother?
Why give?

Why think?
Why act?
Why gossip?
Why interact?

Why talk?
Why remember?
Why shove?
Why September,

The years pass,
and we will think,
why do this and that
and wonder how we think.

But remember that you shall live,
no matter what,
what everyone thinks.

You are terrible person, one might say.
You are a nice person, say one at bay.
But if you remember what I say,
Remember that I said that you are like a new day.

Endless possibilities,
full of promise,
full of love,
remember my warnings.

You should live,
lift your chin.
Walk with confidence.
Strive to win!


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