The Truth .-.

The Truth .-.

What i actually feel. So it's pretty real...

Chapter 1

Why Him?

“So there’s this boy”

Doesn't it always start that way? Yes, yes it does. So here it goes my tale of woe. I fell for this cheeky boy who’s name i will not mention although if he ever saw this he’d know I’m talking about him because, well i told him how i felt. Yes, I know, it was a stupid thing to do but hey I was naive to think that maybe someone like him would ever look at me. But don’t get me wrong, he’s not a jerk or anything like that he is a very amazing person. I guess that is one of the reasons i feel the way i do. He’s I don’t know, different. At first glace you only notice how handsome and dashing he is, but you have to look deeper into his person to realize who he really is… I find myself at loss for words when i try to describe him so I’ll do my best.

- He isn’t the tallest boy, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve known him since last year and I still don’t know the color of his eyes, like a mixture between green and brown. I guess they are hazle. He also has this very cute smile, it’s cheeky and mischievous like a little kid’s. Summing all that up, yeah he is very handsome. & alas for me the rest of the school’s female population is well aware of it. As cliche as it sounds… >.<

We have something in common. We love the same sport. & if you know me you probably know what sport it is… I guess that is another reason why I fancy him. Because he likes that sport too and we can talk about it. Even if most of the time we don’t agree on teams… Still i enjoy when we talk about it.

Sometimes it’s really hard to be around him. My brain doesn’t work properly , at times i begin to stutter and I’m speechless when he looks at me. I suppose it’s because of his eyes.Things have gotten worse since i told him how i felt. Not because he was a jerk or because he mocked me about it. But because he said NOTHING! Not a simple “Okay.” What i wanted was for him to let me know how he felt, I knew it wasn’t gonna be what I wanted to hear. You know, that ” I like you too.” No, because alas I don’t feel as if I’m enough for someone like him. I know it’s a bad thing to say… BLAH BLAH but it’s the truth. I wanted closure but i just got confusions and my heart that want me to keep being a hopeless romantic. It’s like a constant battle between my heart and my head. Which at the moment has left both of them dangerously wounded….

So, here’s my question; Should I confront him about it? Ask him his thoughts about the subject which has my mind in such a dangerous state? Truly, all I want is to be sure of what’s going on. I don’t care if I get hurt because honestly if he doesn’t break my heart soon, things will just get worse… I just need to know… <’3


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