Things you might not of known about Lord of the rings

I was boerd so I made this. :P

Most of the facts are from the internet and some are from my Lotr trivial persuit game.

Chapter 1

Things about Lord of the rings (Hey that rhymes! XD)

1. 27 copies of the book were used during screenplay, what with underlining, note taking and page tearing.

2. Henry Mortensen, Viggo's(Aragorn) son was called on to research what happens to Thorin's map, to make sure it could reasonably appear in Bag End.

3. Every single person who played a hobbit wore a wig, apart from Peter Jackson's son, who had "perfect hobbit hair"

4. There was only about 100 hobbits a Bilbo's long expected party, not a book mandated gross(144). Pfft! These films barely deserve to be called epic anymore!

5. The extended editions, in total, are 158 minutes longer then the theatrical version.(I want the extended editions!)

6. Andy Serkis(Gollum) voices the black rider who is after "Baggins" in the Shire.

7. That really is Elijah Wood jumping from the jetty onto the Buckleberry ferry, not a stuntman.

8. Since molten metal is hard to fake, the goblin forges of Orthanc, were built in a real foundry and filled with real molten metal. The goblins are foundry workers dressed up.

9. The scene were black riders chase Arwen and Frodo was interrupted by Queenstown flooding. The whole cast helped sandbag the town against the flood, while filming was suspended.

10. The ring wraiths screams are based on Fran Walsh screaming with a throat infection.

11. The reason the eagles didn't just fly everyone to Mount Doom, "The eagles are their own race and do things for their own reasons" and also Tolkien didn't like them being seen as "Middle Earth taxis"...

12. ...Also the Nazgul would totally kill them. XD

13. Sean Bean's lengthy "One does not simply walk into Mordor" speech was given to him only the night before shooting, and the man made it into a Meme!

14. Bill the pony is played, in some shots, by two people in a (very good quality) pantomime horse.

15. The shots of the fellowship mourning Gandalf's death outside Moria were filmed before Ian McKellen had even arrived on set for the first time.

16. Lothlorian was shot in a forest called Paradice, the bigger wider trees are false ones made from rubber.

17. The cave troll in Moria is "Not really evil, he's just fallen into bad company" claims Jackson.

18. Some of Legolas's arrows are CG because Orlando Bloom couldn't fire them fast enough, just goes to show elves are better than humans.

19. Viggo Montenson broke two of his toes when kicking a helmet at the Urak Hai massacre which is part of the reason why he falls to his knees crying out. (Every time I see that scene now it sounds like he screams in pain!)

20. During a running scenes early in the Two Towers, Viggo Montenson had those broken toes, Gimli size double Brett Beatty had a dislocated knee and Orlando Bloom had a broken rib from falling of a horse.

21. You can tell which scenes have been "flipped" from left to right by the direction the fellowships elvish brooches are pointing.

22. When Gandalf first appears the blended in Christopher Lee's voice to cause a little tension and make you think this might be Saruman.

23. Montensen shaved his beard for so far unseen footage of young Aragorn's first meeting with Arwen.

24. Viggo Montensen nearly drowned in a underflow when floating down the river as half drowned Aragorn.

25. The black gate is shown as two black gates because of a typo in the script given to the art department.

26. 1800 hobbit feet were made for the 4 lead hobbits alone, and each pair took a hour and a half put over the actors feet.

27. Christopher Lee was the only cast member to have met Tolkien in person.

28. Elijah Wood had Alka Seltzer tablets in his mouth to make him foam when Shelob stabbed him.

29. Shelob is based on a New Zealand spider called a tunnel-web.

30. They scene outside the black gates was a military testing area, it had to cleared of unexploded ammo...

31. All of it was not cleared and the cast were told to avoid kicking or digging in the ground.

32. Tolkien spent 12 years writing Lotr.

33. Arwen is Galadriel's granddaughter.

34. During Bilbo's party when Merry and Pippin set off the firework, Domanic Monaghon and Billy boyd weren't told the firework would actually explode, just they it would fizz and spark a bit, so Billy's shriek is genuine.

35. Viggo chips a tooth while sword fighting as Aragorn.

36. When Faramir uses his sword to lift the ring from under Frodo's shirt, David Wenhem (Faramir) was worried he might accidentally stab Elijah Wood, so he insisted a trained swordsman do that scene.

37. It took 49 takes to get the flower dropping on Theodred's grave right!

38. John Rhys-Davis, who plays Gimli, is the tallest of the members of the fellowship. He is 6'1

39. Hobbiten was made a year before production began to make it look like it was a natural, lived in place, complete with real vegetable patches.The green department regulated the length grass by using sheep to eat it.

40. During the filming most of the fellowship took up surfing in there spare time, among them was Viggo Montensen who wiped out terribly one day and bruised the whole side of his face. The next day make up tried to hide the bruising and swelling but were unsuccessful. Instead Peter Jackson opted to film Montensen from one side during the scene of the Mines of Moria.


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