I will ALWAYS love you

What inspired me to write the poem was a song from a TV show that I like. Also a RL Stine book I was reading it was about a group of kids taking their friend out for her birthday, they try to find out who killed her when they find out she's dead.
I appreciate poetry because no matter what the topic is it gives off aw certain vibe. Also because I like to tell stories and write and poetry gives me the opportunity to do both.

Chapter 1

PS I love you

Are you happy now?
After all the pain and suffering you caused for me
I thought you were different
How could I have been so foolish
You broke my heart
You know you did
I see you laughing at me in the hallway
Completely unobservant to how I feel
I hear your dating that cheerleader
Glad I was able to let you use me to get her
You don't love her
Just like you didn't love me
A notch in your belt is all I'll ever be to you
But you won't get away this time
I did things for you that I shouldn't have
I did things for you that I wouldn't do for others
My love for you isn't going down the drain
I will always love you
I hear you broke up with that cheerleader
BTW I want you to know she fell down the stairs
I didn't push her I was just standing behind her
Anyway I hear your dating Theressa
Hyperthetical question if she "fell" off a cliff would that be weird
I love watching you sleep
Pretend you didn't hear that
I meant I love you
My friends tell me to move on
But I cant
Every person I date I wont love as much as I love you
Every boy will be second to you
We will be together
I love you
See you at our wedding
I wouldn't want the same to happen to little Theressa

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