Quibblo tip/trick for writers

Chapter 1

Yet another one

I've been fiddling about with Quibblo's text editor and I've noticed something that may be of use to Quibblo's sizable writing community.

Add comments/annotations to your stories

You can add annotations to your stories that only you can see in the text editor and are invisible to your readers. Useful if you want to, for example, leave yourself notes in a story that you will be editing after you've uploaded it. To do this all you need to do is enclose whatever text you want to make invisible to others in angle braces (greater-than and less-than signs, they should be on your , and . keys). I would type you an example but that obviously won't work.

Remember, the text in angle braces will only be visible to you, and only when you are editing your story.


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