Suicide: A Love Affair (An Original Story)

When Tyler Bane is rejected by the girl of his dreams, he is distraught and commits suicide; believing there is no way out. After death, he is plunged in to a purgatory reserved for suicides. There he meets Stephanie "Steph" Benes, a woman whose life was marred by tragedy. And together they explore Suicides Paradise, looking for a way into an afterlife out of purgatory.

And from there the story unfolds. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Does She Know?

I watched Violet put up her hair. I stood at my locker, and she at hers. Though we were only a few lockers down, it felt like worlds apart. Violet was the most beautiful girl in school, with her long flowing blonde hair, her bright blue eyes, and killer beauty queen smile. I had dreamed of going out with Violet since 7th grade, when I really started to appreciate her marvelous beauty.

I've been having trouble with asking her out, as I promised my friend Anthony I would do. I just didn't know how to ask her. Either way she would laugh, but I wanted to do it to where she would laugh at me in front of everybody. So I wrote her a note, stuck it in her locker, and ran away. For some reason, she hasn't bothered looking in her locker, but at her reflection in the mirror.
"Come on Vi, cheerleading practice is starting early today," Her best friend Missy said, coming out of nowhere.
"OK, just hold on a second."

Missy, being the nosy person she was, started rummaging through Violet's locker. And that's when she came across my note.
"What's this? A secret admirer?" I heard her ask Violet.
"'I really like you, and I hope that you would return my feelings. From the boy who you see, but don't really notice'. Um, who the heck wrote this?" Missy asked.
I quickly looked away and pretended my locker was suddenly the most fascinating thing in the world.

"I don't know who put that in there, but throw it away will you? Or better yet, recycle it. I want to rack up as much good karma as I can this week so Brad will ask me to prom."
"Oh you know he's going to ask you to prom, Vi. He's been doing nothing but staring at you all year so far. And so have a few others. There's that Tyler Bane kid who's not all that bad looking, I mean he's no Brad, but- wait. Maybe Tyler wrote that note," Missy said.
I groaned. So Missy wasn't as stupid as she appeared. . . .
"I doubt it, I'm pretty sure that kid's gay or something," Violet said dismissively.

I closed my locker loudly, making Missy and Violet jump. They began looking around, and I quickly scurried off in the opposite direction. Did honestly think I was gay? I mean I've had two girlfriends in all my 17 years alive on this Earth, but that didn't mean I was stuck in a closet. I was just waiting for the right girl, and I truly believe that girl could be Violet. I vowed to ask her out tomorrow. I would go up to her, ignore her friends, and ask "Violet, will you go out with me?"

Surely if I am rejected, I would be able to handle it well enough.

Note: If you want me to continue, just say so. I'm not sure how this story will go, but I can give it one heck of a try. Thanks for reading!

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