Living in L.A.

The naratter changes every chapter!!! I hope you guys love my group story.
BTW I changed my character age. She is now 15.

Chapter 1

Bethany White

Me and Selena have been best friends since preschool. We are 15 now.

But, I never thought one simple movie audition would turn us into BFFNs (Best Friends for never).

Let's start from the beginning.

I woke up. On the side of my bed, my alarm clock said 7:51.

"Oh, no!" I said. I threw a pillow at my roommate/best friend, Selena. "Selena!"

"OW!" Selena said.

"Sorry. But, my alarm didn't go off, only 9 minutes to class!" I yelled.

"Crab!" Selena yelled.

"Selena! I said.

"Cra-bbb!" She said.


I turn into a goody-goody when I'm rushed, that's why I got offended.

Anyways, I brushed my very blond hair. Brushed my teeth. I got into my school uniform. It's a blackish greyish plaid skirt, with a matching shirt. Luckily, on Fridays (which is tomorrow) we get to wear fashionable clothes.

Selena and I ran all around campus. We finally got to Science Class.

Nobody was there.

Our teacher Mrs. Flinn walked in.

"Why are you girls here?" She asked.

"School," I said.

"It's Spring Break!" Mrs. Flinn said. "I'm just getting our mid-terms so I could grade them."

"Really?" Selena said.

"Yep! Now, go to that movie audition or something," Mrs. Flinn suggested.

"Oh yeah!" I said.


I walked into the set.

Selena was laughing. "Haha!" She covered her mouth.

"What was that?" I said.

"I laugh when I'm nervous. That's why I've always told jokes before school plays, talent show, chorus, andeven when I read my book report!" Selena yelled.

"Don't worry. Who are you auditioning for?" I asked.

"Rydell," Selena said.

"I'm auditioning for her friend, Katrie!" I said.

"Great!" Selena said.

"Okay. Bethany White! You're up next!" Yelled the director.

Then, two people walk by.

I know them. Jeff Hult and Vickie Yates!

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