Hole in the middle of my Heart like a polo (1D) [FINISHED]

Hole in the middle of my Heart like a polo (1D) [FINISHED]

So this is for http://www.quibblo.com/user/One_Direction_Is_My_Life she is amazing so if she isn't your friend add her!
Se always comments really nice things that make me wanna write more and I felt like writing a new story. I will try not to go on about cherries in this one though! Maybe a tiny bit but I can't help it! Lln

So the character is called Lexi and I hope you enjoy

Chapter 1


I walked into the arena anticipation rubbing through my veins. I couldn't believe I got tickets to see One Direction! I was such a big fan but there was one thing I didn't like. Niall Horan use to be my friend many years ago but he left me. He forgot all about me when he realised his first single. As much as I try to I can't hate the music that tore him from me. Niall promised many years ago that he would never leave me in the mess that is my life.

This was all in the past now and I couldn't wait to see the rest of One Direction but Niall was not on my list of people to see. I am not that forgiving and I hate it when people break promises especially something as big as this!
I smiled as I reached the front of the line waiting to enter the arena. I was taken to my seat.
I waited for the arena to fill up and took pictures on my phone of anything I could. The video started and I was cheering as I saw Liam Payne open the door in the video, it turned to laughter when Louis Tomlinson was dancing then back to cheers when Zayn Malik was at the DJ desk. I laughed as you saw Harry Styles reading a book with a pipe in his mouth and he winked at the camera.
My mouth went dry as Niall came on the screen and was pushed into the pool. It hurt to see him so happy after all this time when he forgot about me.
I grinned again as Niall was out of shot and Louis jumped into the pool after throwing his shoes off in any old direction. But there is only one direction that he can go. Liam flipped in after him then Harry ran out dressed in his dressing gown and everything. He threw that off so he was just in his pyjamas and jumped in as well. I was about to start cheering again when Niall came back on shot and my eyes stung at the memory of him and the promise he once made me.
I shock my head clean of those thoughts as the camera went from Niall to Liam in the morning. I laughed as Zayn was in his chicken costume.
Already the concert was funny but also sad. It was hard to see Niall's face but I just concentrated on enjoying the music and atmosphere.

After a few songs it was time for twitter questions and I was managing to enjoy myself. That was until I saw a spider scurry in front of me. I am massively afrai of them so I screamed an ran in the opposite direction of the spider.
At the time is was quiet so everyone heard me scream and people turned to look at me. A member of security grabbed me and took me back stage as I accidentally ran too close to where the boys were performing. I recognised him as Paul.
"What were you doing?" He said as he put me in handcuffs
"There was a spider" I said sheepishly
Just then the boys came through the doors to take their break and for a costume change. Niall saw me and knew who I was. I coul tell by the way his eyes bulged and he did a double take.
"Lexi?" You could hear the shock in his voice
"Horan" I growled
"Um Paul you can leave her with us" Niall said
I rolled my eyes. After what he did does he think he is so easily forgiven? I glared lightly but I was happy to meet the other four members of my favourite boy band.

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